Pre-Competition for Guca 2019

The first precompetition of trumpet orchestras this year will be held in Boljevac, eastern Serbia, as part of the traditional manifestation ” Crnorečje in songs and plays”, on June 7, 2019.
The event itself in Boljevac is conceived as representing and preserving the cultural and artistic heritage of the eastern part of Serbia around the river Black Timok.
The event lasts for 4 days and one day is dedicated to the trumpet performances of the best orchestras of that region and as a preparation for the final competition in Guca.
Other trumpet precompetitions will be held in:
Kovačica on June 16  (north)
Kotraža on 7 July
Surdulica on July 14  (south)
Zlatibor on July 21
Pozega on July 12

The pre-competition in Surdulica is still known as “finals before the finals”
Last year manifestation was opened by a winners of previous trumpet precompetition.  As a side part there is also a selling exhibition of domestic arts, paintings , etno products and books.
In Surdulica manifestation starts with a defile of all participants of the competition strolling Surdulica streets and finnishing by playing a song all together, followed by a traditional folk dancers…
For more information about Surdulica click here