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Accommodation  3 nights
Three nights:
Accommodation for three nights,
2 and 3 bed rooms in private homes in the center of Guca
Price: from 105 € per person. . . . .Book now


Bus transportation from Belgrade 02.08.24. (Friday) at 15h directly to Guca and back 05.08.24. (Monday) at 9 a.m.
starts from Guca to Belgrade. 



Hostel in private house at verify hosts in Guca (guaranteed the best).
5 minutes walking distance from the center
Arrangement of one, two or three nights
Price: from …per person per night. . . . . .Book now

On Your request, we can offer you all arrangements witch includes and days from the beginning 02.08.2024. till the end of Festival 04.08.2024.

We may offer you accommodation in private house in the center of Guca with verify and kindly hosts, 2-5 minutes of walking to the center of events. We have available double , three and four beds room. Hostel variant of accommodation also is in offer. 

For all details write to or call us:
Dejan Ciric +381 65 33 92393
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Daily excursions (not included in price of accommodation):
1. The monasteries ___
2. The Sargan eight  75
The monasteries + The Sargan eight
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You may see our accommodation samples on these pictures

General Conditions information

Dear guests, the departure from Belgrade is 02.08.24.  . The drive last around 2 hours and we arrive in Guca at about approximately 17:30h. Your Guca hosts will welcome you and take you to the accommodation. After we accommodate you can relax and enjoy the festival of trumpeters. Return from Guča by bus is on Monday 05.08.24. , starts from Guca at 9 a.m.

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Meeting point in Guca
Confirmed reservation list

Guca Co turoperator
Agency for information, advice and travel planning services

Natasa Ciric
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