Vincitori del 62° concorso di tromba Guca 2023

Winners of the 62nd Dragačevski trumpeters’ assembly

Out of 16 orchestras, finalists, the expert jury decided that:

THE BEST TRUMPET PLAYER was Bojan Ristić from Vladičina Han.

THE BEST orchestra is Stefan Mladenović orchestra from Vranje.
Second best orchestr is Vladimir Ivanović from Zagužanje
Third place was taken by the orchestra of Dragačevske trube from Guča.

Milenko Filipović from Užice won the “Golden Trumpet”, the audience’s trumpet, as the most popular trumpeter. He was presented with a trumpet, a gift from the “Novosti” company.

The orchestra that played the most original music was the orchestra “Timočki veseljaci” from Knjaževac. He was awarded the “Golden Apple” award.

The song was best played by Kristijan Azirović orchestra from Bojnik.

The best played round dance ˝Kolo˝, the orchestra “Braće Ilić” from Požega.

The best drummer is Aleksandar Ivanović from Bojan Krstić’s orchestra.

The best bass player is Nikola Sejdić from Isidor Zećirović’s orchestra, Bojnik.

The best tenor is Oliver Ivanovic from Vladimir Ivanovic’s orchestra, Zagužanje.


Congratulations to the awarded trumpeters and goodbye until the next, 63rd Assembly.