Trumpet precompetitions 2022!

This year, the first pre-competition of trumpet orchestras, as preparation
for the selection of the best for the final trumpet competition in Guča,
was held for the region of Eastern Serbia in Bojevac on June 10, 2022, as
part of a traditional event called « Crnorečje, u pesmi I igri ”. As part of
the event, the folklore of the Black River area is presented, as well as
the promotion of folk crafts and old crafts.
Other pre-match events are in:
Surdulica 08.07.-10.07.2022.g. for the area of Southern Serbia
Požega 14.07.2022.g.
Zlatibor 24.07.2022.g.
The pre-competition in Surdulica is also held as part of the traditional
manifestation in Surdulica and Vlasina Lake called « Vlasina Summer » and
lasts for several days. In addition, to being a competition of junior and
senior orchestras for a place at the Guča final competition, it is also a
presentation of folklore creations from Southeast Serbia. One part of the
event is held in Surdulica itself and the other part at Lake Vlasina itself.
So, we sure hope you will join us in visiting these delightful events!