Festival program
Long time ago, 1985  in Surdulica was held first trumpet band competition,  so this year ,it will be 32th in a row manifestation.
That competition was performed by playing three thrumpet compositions, march on river Drina, folk songs and folk dance.
During the ’90s, Boban Markovic’s brass band stepped on the scene and became famous worldwide.
Many of the famous trumpet bands have origins from the south of Serbia, and besides Boban Markovic from Vladicin Han, there are also orchestras of Nenad Mladenovic from Vranje, Zoran Sejdic from Bojnik, Bojan Ristic from Vladicin Han, so and the last winner of famous Guca festival orceshtra of Sasa Krstic from Zaguzanje.
The manifestation was named after the Vlasina plateau and a beutifull lake which is a host of one part of the festival, the other is held in Surdulica. It has a wide range of perspectives: competitive, artistic, sports.

vlasina1 surdulicacentar vlasina2

Main event is precompetition  for Guca participation, and also a many folk dance and song concerts from southeast of Serbia.
Last year manifestation was opened by a winners of previous trumpet precompetition.  As a side part there is also a selling exhibition of domestic arts, paintings , etno products and books.
In Surdulica manifestation starts with a defile of all participants of the competition strolling Surdulica streets and finnishing by playing a song all together, followed by a traditional folk dancers.
centarkrupan_m surdulicabina_m
At the same time on Vlasina lake was held performance of trumpet orchestras and folk dancers.
Part of a program was a ascent to a Cemernik mountain by a international mountaineers.
In the evening hours senior trumpet competitors competied in Surdulica , followed by junior trumpet  competitors   next evening.

On that evening a winners are pronounced and Boban Markovic held his magnificent concert., traditionally  every year.
Special attraction is jeep cross country , orgnised by extreme sports assotiations. The participants were also a motor bike associations, off road vehicles, and old timer cars. They all join a landscape ride.Program is fulfiled by traditional fish soup cooking completion with a free degustation.
This event completed by a landscape beauties gives a joy for eyes an ears.
Once heard and felt `soul playing` of trumpet participants, it will attract you to come back again.
Surdulica is a city in a south east of Serbia with aproximatly 13000 inhabitants, with an attitude of 475 meters , surrounded with a mountain Cemernik and Verdenik.
Area of Surdulica municipality is enveloped with a different landforms, and versatile flora and fauna including many small rivers and streems that also compete by nature purity – a real feast for nature lovers.
Unavoidable part of the nature beauty story is a Vlasina lake, artificial lake formed around 1950y when a hidro plant dam was build. It has depths of 10-22 meters and 36 km in diameter. Situated on 1213 altitude it has beatuful shades of blue color and a variety of fish species.
Winter temperature of the lake is 9 C° in the winter and 18 C°  in the summer.
Few rivers ends its journey in the lake. Lake also host a three settlements.
Lake is famous by its floating treset  islands,made by  a decomposition of mahovaina, which is a unique phenomenon.
Islands are famous by it diverse and rich vegetation. And it inhabits an insect eating plant. It is possible to organize  touring  of the islands from a boat. Embarking on the islands is not permited.
An area is also versatile with a bird species, around 120 of them what gives a uniqe opportunity for the ones who is interested in following their movements and behavour.
Because of all its beauties Vlasina region is protected as a national park.

Mountain Verdenik and Cemernik – are mountains that surrounds Surdulica nad Vlasina lake.
Verednik is on 1874m altitude, which puts it in a middle range mountains . Mountain Cemernik is a heaven for mountain hikers and has a attitude of 1638m. Mountain trail  has acelar marks and it lasts around 2.5 hours.
From the mountain Cemernik , have a clear view to mountain Verdenik and Vlasina lake.
Cemernik got his name by a toxic plant cemerika wich dominates grasslands of this mountain.
Mountain is rich with natural rivers and springs that flow into Vlasina lake or river south Morava. A unique sheep karakacanka lives there.