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551 messages.
Luki Luki de 12 a écrit le 25. février 2007. à 16:01
Nazdarek, chtel bych udelat nejaky pruzkum, kolik Cechu bylo v roce 2006 v guci. Byli jsme tam vlastne ve trech. Potom jsme potkali particku cundraku. cca 6 lidi. Pak jeste nejaky slovaky. Prosim tedy, kdo tam byl - at odpovi na tento vzkaz.
Natasa Natasa de 184 a écrit le 25. février 2007. à 13:25
super super super!!Pravo vreme za slavlje!Dolazak i pravac jedino mesto gde je sve lepo!POzdrav Guci, stizemo i mi bas na vreme!;-)8-0
Bubamara Bubamara de 23 a écrit le 21. février 2007. à 15:30
Jedan ogroman pozdrav svima!!! Ovaj sajt je ludilo! Steta sto poneki idioti kvare u komentarima... al' sta da se radi, majka kretena je uvek trudna!
DUSKO DUSKO de 72 a écrit le 20. février 2007. à 05:31
gledao sm film guca i stvarno mise dopada. ljudi rasturaju . to braco romi:-)#-):-}
Wolfgang Kuhnle Wolfgang Kuhnle de 18 a écrit le 12. février 2007. à 22:06
I wanted to go to Guca, but my Serbian wife accompanied me and tricked me into taking the wrong direction in Cacak, to Zlatibor. For me it was all the same, mountains and lots of language which I did not understand. I was wondering why there was no music. My wife is really tricky. We stayed overnight and my wife pretended that the festival was postponed. But it was in Guca, only 50 km away. After Zlatibor we went to Sarajevo and got stopped by the police several times. Of course I was driving too fast, who does not. But I had the impression that the police just kept the money for themselves, and my wife succeeded in negotiating the fine. Guca: maybe next time.
Vladimir Vladimir de 242 a écrit le 8. février 2007. à 12:31
Hello to everyone... My english is not perfect, but I'll try 🙂 My name is Vlada, and I'm from Belgrade This is to inform you that, if anyone does not have a place to stay in Guca, he/she may enjoy with me and my friends in my biiiig camp 🙂 see you in a few months best regards
Dragan Dragan de 16 a écrit le 7. février 2007. à 18:21
Hello everybody Does anybody know the title of the music which is on the first page of guca.co.yu ? Thanks a lot for your answers.;-) Bye
marija i gustavo marija i gustavo de 42 a écrit le 7. février 2007. à 18:15
Danijel Danijel de 32 a écrit le 30. janvier 2007. à 10:18
jeli ljudi, da li neko zna kad ce guca ova godina? neko mi je rekao da je tek u septembru ?!
edvard edvard de 32 a écrit le 28. janvier 2007. à 19:45
Hello :-), I like this type of music very much. I'll do my best to come this year for the first time.
LJuba LJuba de 72 a écrit le 28. janvier 2007. à 18:39
Jel ima neko neki predlog za spavanje?? Ako neko zna neko mesto gde se moze prenociti,hotel,sobu ...neka ostavi kontakt ili link. hval uanpred:-D
Tracey Harris Tracey Harris de 184 a écrit le 27. janvier 2007. à 03:36
Hey... I think this is the most amazing event oin earth. As an australian female trumpet player I just have to go this year!!!:-D
spricer spricer de 42 a écrit le 26. janvier 2007. à 19:52
Aki -The Duke- Aki -The Duke- de 28 a écrit le 25. janvier 2007. à 00:04
The festival in Guca is the most awsome event on the Balkan.I liked it very much and I will visit it next year too.:-):-):-):-) Greetings from Strumica
Vlak u snijegu Vlak u snijegu de 18 a écrit le 2. décembre 2006. à 23:32
Nisam bio u Gucu, ali volim trubu. Pozdrav svima iz Nemacku
Hans, Heinz & Blaus Hans, Heinz & Blaus de 5 a écrit le 14. novembre 2006. à 10:22
The festival was really great. So it took some time to became a clear head again since we still heard playing brass bands after weeks although the fesival already finished. Great hospitality, great bands, best rakija. See you next year!
Pavel Pavel de 86 a écrit le 14. novembre 2006. à 06:19
and finaly, who won? =) who is best orchestra? who is best trumpet? +)
ruth dimitrijevic ruth dimitrijevic de 184 a écrit le 6. novembre 2006. à 23:25
2006 was my first visit to Guca but you can bet it will not be my last, my husband is a serb but our friends who accompanied us and myself are all aussies who previously had no interest in this type of music or speak the language' all had a ball!!!!! We were not happy when they changed the date so late as we had already booked & paid for air tickets from Australia, so it cost us a lot of money to change dates, anyway we had such a good time all is forgiven. We danced on tables & in the streets, Yes the serbs sure know how to have fun!!!:-):-):-):-):-)3
Jurij Jurij de 5 a écrit le 1. novembre 2006. à 13:31
Zdravo ljudi! Moze li neko da mi kaze ko je ove godine pobedio. Koji orkestar. Sve najbolje svima. Ciao
wulf wulf de 18 a écrit le 30. octobre 2006. à 07:35
hallo! on what date will be the guca-festival in 2007?