Program of the GUCA festival 2024



(GUČA, 02-04 AUGUST 2024)


Program of the 62nd Guča Festival from 02.08.-04.08.24. is still in preparation. 

FRIDAY 11. August 2023.             

11:00 – Festival opening
11:30 Press conference including organizers and hosts
12:00 Opening of art exhibits
12:30 Street of old crafts opens
13:00 Opening of the book fair

The stage of the Cultural Center

17:00 Concert: Trumpet finalists
18:00 Concert: Trumpeters from abroad- PIVO IN ČEVAPI/Slovenia
19:00 Serbian youth trumpet orchestras competition
20:00 Concert: Čeda Marković & trumpet orchestra of Ekrem Mamutović
20:45 Announcement of the winner in the youth competition


21:00 „Venca“ National Ensemble of folk dances and songs of Kosovo and Metohija
22.15 Concert : Trumpet orchestra of trumpet masters – Dejan Petrović Big Band
23:30 Midnight concert of trumpet orchestras finalists of the 62nd Festival

SATURDAY  12.August 2023.

7:00 Wakening call of the trumpets
12:00 Press conference
13:00 National tournament

The stage of the Cultural Center

15:30 Artistic program « Guardians of the tradition – creators of the future » / trumpet orchestras, singing groups, cultural and artistic club , soloists/

16:30 Concert: Cultural and artistic club „Branko Krsmanović“-Belgrade
18.00 Concert: Trumpeters from abroad – URWANI ZWESEKA/Poland/
18:45 Concert: Trumpeters from abroad -AMORKLAV/Italy
20:00 Concert: Trumpet orchestra Danijela Veselinović & Jelena Urošević/violin, Sandra Milošević/harmonica/ and Neda Nikolić/flute




21:00 « They won – they deserved it » (winners of Guče 2022)

/ Bojan Krstić’s Trumpet Orchestra – presentation of master’s letter

/ Elvis Bajramović’s Trumpet Orchestra

/ Dragan Pavlović’s Trumpet Orchestra

/ Trumpet Orchestra of Marko Trnavac

22:15 Concert: Trumpet orchestra of trumpet masters along with guests – Dejan Lazarevic with orchestra
23:30 Concert: Trumpet orchestra of trumpet masters: Saša Krstić with orchestra
00:45 DJ & trumpet orchestra Bojan Ristic

NEDELJA 13.Avgust 2023.

07:00 Wakening call of the trumpets
11:00 Festival parade and traditional Dragacevo wedding
13:00 Press conference

The stage of the Cultural Center

14:00 Artistic program « Guardians of the tradition – creators of the future » (trumpet orchestras, singing groups, folk poets)
15:00 Competition of ”Zdravicari” (those who propose toasts)
16:00 Competition for the most beautiful national costumes
16:30 Announcement of winners /”Zdravicari”, national costumes /
17:00 Concert: trumpeters  from abroad –URWANI Z WESELA /Poland


18:00 The final competition of trumpet orchestras of Serbia « Sa Ovčara i Kablara »
21:00 Gala concert – folk orchestra with guest singers – Bane Mojićević, Stevan Anđelković and Aleksandar Tirnanić
23:00 Announcement of the winner of the 62nd Guča trumpet festival

-For all concerts admission is free!  

„See you by the next Festival“