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We provided an additional accommodation offer

Available: SOLD 2017

1.  Two double rooms with separate beds for the nights 9th-14th August 
Price; from 70 € for a room per night (At least three days possible)
        breakfast is included
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2. Three  rooms with separate or double beds for the nights 13th August 

Price; 70 € for room / breakfast is included

Program of the festival for Sunday   
     1700   Concert of Bojan Ristic, Best Orchestra of 56th Guca Festival
     1800   Contests trumpet masters for the title of Champion of Guca
     2000   Concert : Goran Bregovic and Bijelo Dugme

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This offer is valid for the next three days, and it is desirable that you have a paypal
Because of the big crowd we apologize if you wait longer for an answer