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John W. John W. da 72 pubblicato il 19. Agosto 2013. alle 10:26
The Guca festival has been on my wish list of places to visit for some time, and I was glad to be able to make it happen this year. Kudos to Dejan and Natasa for their planning. Our room in Guca was quite adequate, and the hosts most friendly. Natasa was most helpful in keeping up with my flurry of emails containing all sorts of questions regarding planning for our visit. As we had never been in Serbia prior to this, I really appreciated her taking the time to answer. We enjoyed the festival, but became somewhat disenchanted with the street noise and drunk people after a couple of days. The street booths selling cds and playing loud recorded music were particularly annoying. Ditto the bars doing the same. With all of the brass bands roaming through town, why does a bar feel the need to play loud recorded music? I don't get it. We attended in order to listen to the bands, and enjoyed that aspect of the festival. The Sargan8 day trip turned out to be a very nice respite from the crowds and cacophany of Guca and we were happy to take part in the train ride. Well organized. We did not participate in the Monasteries tour, but heard nice things about it. Our only complaint would be the long bus ride from Belgrade to Guca with a lack of air condition- ing in the minibus. It was beastly warm in the front seat of the bus heading to Guca in the hot sun. Departure from St Marks seems logical, and the church is easy to access via trams. I'm wondering if the central train station might also be a good choice as the airport minibus A1 stops there? Again, thanks Guca crew for all your hard work.
Jana Jana da 12 pubblicato il 13. Agosto 2013. alle 10:00
Hallo for everybody. I would like to write, that this year I was quite disappointed of the festival. I have been to Guča for fifth, but I think, I would mabye never come again. And more people told me the same, I am not alone. Something I do not understand. Why the reproduced music is in many cases in bars, in which I expect live music? It is more worse, than earlier. Some peole which sells somethink in Guča, there will only the money (of course, they are there to earn some money) and cheating by returning money and give other prices, if You are not Srbin. If you ask in english, you would get higher price for the same in most cases, only because you are foreigner. I absoluttely understand, that the prices are in generally higher, than usuall, that is normal on festivals, but to have other prices and if you ask in Serbian language to get better is by my meaning dirty. Also the organisation was in some cases not good. Why concert of religious music was so silent and by the center for culture on the evening...Why it is not afternoon, when the streets are not so noisy? Why the perform of Dragačevo wedding was earlier? I was looking forward to it, and when I come, it was fast on the end. Why in program was not written, that after Boban Markovič is declaration of winners? This is the most important think on the festival? Or the people finally forgot, why is the festival organized??? Why Boban Markovič was playing 45 minutes for all people, which were waiting for him in rain? It is for me sad, but I feel, that the festival is not more good, and will be soon only about the money, drinking and reproduced music. If I would like only to drink for 5 or more days, I can stay at home..Poor guys, which started for 53 years making the festival... Jana
Karolina Pajołek Karolina Pajołek da 34 pubblicato il 11. Agosto 2013. alle 12:17
MISSING - Dominika Pajołek / Dominika Pajolek +48 513 604 431 Szukamy Dominik, która wybrała się na festival, wyjechala 08.08.2013 z Krakowa, przez węgry. Nie mamy z nią kontaktu, osoby które ją widziały prosimy o szybki kontakt. Niska pulchna, blondynka, kręcone włosy, 22 lata. We are looking Dominika that left Cracow on 8th august to visit this festival with friends. We have no contact with her, anyone who met her please contact us! She is a little plump, blond, curly hair 22 year old.
Igor Prado Igor Prado da 75 pubblicato il 30. Luglio 2013. alle 04:47
Hi, is there someone going from Germany/ Poland/ Czech with 2 free places in the car? Cheers!
Hezy Schnitzler Hezy Schnitzler da 102 pubblicato il 29. Luglio 2013. alle 11:33
Dejan Regards from Hezy
tony tony da 54 pubblicato il 28. Luglio 2013. alle 22:18
Are you planning to sell t-shirts and posters of Guca through your site? There are a few sites that sell them but Id like the money to go tothe festival that brings so much joy, not others...
Agata Agata da 34 pubblicato il 24. Luglio 2013. alle 10:45
Is somebody going from Poland/Czech Republic/ Slowakia/ Hungary ? I am in a big need for 2 sits in the car/bus or whatever...:)
Giacomo Rossi Giacomo Rossi da 23 pubblicato il 20. Luglio 2013. alle 08:53
C'è qualcuno che va dall'Italia? Se si, contattatemi anche in FB. Tibi pax! Giacomo Rossi!
Jana Jana da 12 pubblicato il 8. Luglio 2013. alle 07:29
Hallo, is someone going by car and have 2 free places? I live in Brno (Czech Republic), but I can go to Slovakia or Hungary (Budapest by train) and than with somebody...Please write me on mail.
Jana Jana da 12 pubblicato il 8. Luglio 2013. alle 07:27
Hallo, I would like to ask, when Emir with No smoking orchestra will perform. There is written, that on 8.8., but in program I cannot see it... ?????
Zsolt Bőczén Zsolt Bőczén da 20 pubblicato il 5. Luglio 2013. alle 07:36
Naravno cemo ici. Tri prijatelja iz Madarske! Vidimo se tamo!
Dimitri Dimitri da 86 pubblicato il 20. Giugno 2013. alle 11:24
Ребята, кто едет на фестиваль?
Stawko Stawko da 34 pubblicato il 15. Giugno 2013. alle 15:59
Hej! Wybiera sie ktos z Polski na festiwal? Planuje wyjazd, po raz pierwszy zreszta wiec fajnie by bylo zaczerpnac troche jezyka co i jak. Moze ktos tu zagladnie i uprzejmie cos odpisze:-) Pozdrawiam serdecznie!
Markéta Markéta da 12 pubblicato il 8. Giugno 2013. alle 12:41
Ahoj máme stejný dotaz, zda někdo nejede z ČR autem? Jsme 2. Když tak dejte vědět na mail makisebest@seznam.cz
Jana Jana da 12 pubblicato il 29. Maggio 2013. alle 13:04
Ahoj všem. Nechystá se letos někdo do Guči autem z České Republiky? Jsme dvě pohodové holky, které se tam letos kromě vlaku nemají moc jak dostat a už jsme tam párkrát byly (já bych jela popáté, kamarádka asi potřetí). Rády bychom i viděly něco jiného - napadlo nás např. Sarajevo, nebo cokoliv někde v přírodě (park Tara, něco nějaké kláštery), abychom nebyly celou dobu jen v Guče. Prosím kdyžtak se ozvěte na mail. Jana
Branko Stokholm Branko Stokholm da 41 pubblicato il 18. Marzo 2013. alle 09:29
Svaka vam cast, festival je ekstra! Pozdrav iz Stokholma 🙂
Max Max da 18 pubblicato il 9. Dicembre 2012. alle 15:05
Guca = Without a doubt world´s greatest festival!!! Could somebody tell me which song is used on the entrance of the guca.rs webpage? Thanks in advance! Peace!
Johannes Johannes da 18 pubblicato il 2. Ottobre 2012. alle 17:49
Super Party, super Organisation > puno hvala > Sabina, Jelena u Johannes Radeljic
Robert Milczarek Robert Milczarek da 34 pubblicato il 17. Agosto 2012. alle 07:42
HELOOOOOO. GUĆA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:-)
Rajko Rajko da 242 pubblicato il 8. Agosto 2012. alle 05:53
Hi we are driving from Belgrade thursday to Guca. Can we sleep in the car ? Where can we park for one night.? How much time do we need to calculate to find a parking space and how far is it from the Festival.? Thanks.