Guca 2022 festival date!!!

We are very glad to announce that this year Guca festival will be from 5th
up to 7th August. It will be the 61st festival in a row and we are
expecting details of the program soon.
 It will be taking place as always, in Guca, at the stadium and at the
 stage in front of the house of culture as well as on the streets of Guca.
It will last three days. We expect the greatest trumpet names, many junior
and senior trumpet orchestras and comepetitions.
The best will compete in trumpet playing, and the proclaimed trumpet
masters will show us their skills through independent concerts.
As always we will try to get to know you with the festival in the best way
and what can not be missed, to propose the easiest ways to get to Guca and
where to park, to suggest what else to visit in Guca and around Guca.

If you are interested , for affordable and quality accommodation, feel free to contact us at