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551 Einträge
Frank Frank aus 18 schrieb am 28. August 2006. um 10:07
Hello brass-junkies, last year it was my first time in Guca, it was more than dobre, actually super-dobre !!! This year i want to go there again, but my first plannings are not practicable. Is there anybody who can give me a lift from germany (Münster) to Guca ??? Brass Greetings, Frank
Frank Frank aus 18 schrieb am 28. August 2006. um 09:37
Hey brass-junkies, last year i had been my first time in Guca, it was more than dobre, actually super-dobre !!! My first planning how to go there this year are not practicable now, so I´am asking: Can anybody give me a lift from Münster or somewhere else in germany to guca ? Brass Greetings, Frank
Meca Meca aus 18 schrieb am 27. August 2006. um 17:28
Zelim svima koji ove godine putuju za Gucu, da se provedu lepo ida bude bre VVVVeeeeesseeeeeeloooooooo
Dusan Dusan aus 243 schrieb am 27. August 2006. um 14:37
nas desetorica dolazimo sa 3 kola,vrecama za spavanje i parama.drugo nista ne nosimo niti imamo sto isplanirno.ne znamo ni dje cemo da spavamo ni ocemo li moc idje ali kad stignemo blizu nesto cemo vec iskombinovat.samo da se dobro provedemo.ako neko zeli da nam se pridruzi neka se javi:)aj pozdrav
Dragojlovic Meli Dragojlovic Meli aus 18 schrieb am 26. August 2006. um 18:18
Ljudi dragi, ja ove godine NAZALOST nem,ogu da idem za Gucu zato sto sam ovde zaposlena sa ucenjem, toliko mi je teskoooooooooooo. Zelim svima koji budu isli, da se provedu lepo.
laura laura aus 42 schrieb am 26. August 2006. um 13:10
hi does somebody know, when the bus from belgrad parts to guca. it isnt written on the page, because the date of the festival has chaged. do we have a reservation for the bus?
Ultra semendria! Ultra semendria! aus 242 schrieb am 25. August 2006. um 20:55
poz svima bice ludnica i ove godine,stize ekipa iz smedereva!!ovo samo u srbiji ima,zivela srbija!
Jarek Jarek aus 34 schrieb am 22. August 2006. um 11:39
Hi everybody! I'm a trumpeter from a brass polish orchestra! I love balkan music! But i cannot find Kalasnjikov lyrics - can you help me, please? give a link or send lyrics on my e-mail
alex alex aus 23 schrieb am 21. August 2006. um 07:57
Hi, I'm Alex from Italy. Me and my friends Marco and Nico will come to Guca next week !!! I hope we have no problem to find a place to sleep in the camping. Hi to everyone is coming to the centre of the wolrd next week! alex
www.guca.co.yu www.guca.co.yu aus 49 schrieb am 20. August 2006. um 21:24
All the info about camping can be found through mail labud@guca.co.yu Some photos: http://img233.imageshack.us/img233/8052/privatcamp02sg3.jpg http://img370.imageshack.us/img370/5791/privatcamp01bq4.jpg
Ljubiša Ljubiša aus 39 schrieb am 20. August 2006. um 19:35
Dragi moji, Guca je prva, Rio je drugi !!! This is the seventh time this year that I am coming to Guca and anybody who is still considering while to come or not, I will just say EVERY GUCA TRUMPET FESTIVAL YOU MISS, MORE POOR IS YOUR SOUL, that's why COME TO GUCA AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, SO COME IN 2006 !!! See you with trumpets in our souls... SVIRAJ TRUBO, SVIRALA ZA DUGO, ZA VESELJE I NIZASTA DRUGO !!! ljubisa
Milos Milos aus 49 schrieb am 19. August 2006. um 13:14
Luckily, I live in Guca, so I can answer your questions. There is enaugh of space where you can camp. But if you want to stay in a hotel apartment, now it is impossibile! Everuthing is occupied! If you have more questions, contact me! C U in Guca
Miki i kompanija Miki i kompanija aus 242 schrieb am 19. August 2006. um 10:11
Veselinka T. Veselinka T. aus 32 schrieb am 18. August 2006. um 14:58
Uvjek sam zeljela da odem u Gucu da cujem i dozivim te trubase. Jako zavidim svima sto ce biti na Saboru! Dogodine cu biti i ja obecavam 🙂 Zelim vam prekrasan spetakl !
stefan stefan aus 242 schrieb am 18. August 2006. um 08:01
:-D#-):-D gucoooooooooooooo stizem trecu godinu za redom i dok sam ziv guce necu propustiti . Jos samo malo i pocinjeeee uhhhhhhhhhhh:-B
Jessica Jessica aus 7 schrieb am 15. August 2006. um 09:57
Damn it! I have to go to Guca again! Its been too long! But my friends are not into Folk!!! Nobody going there with car, bus train from Belgium, France, Germany, Holland,...?
Jochen Jochen aus 18 schrieb am 13. August 2006. um 09:31
Hello! I also want to come to the festival and I also have some questions: Does anyone have experiences in hitch-hiking to Guca? Is it possible to camp somewhere in or near Guca? Some of you already posed the same question, but it was never answered. I hope to see you there! Greetings - Jochen
Fardulli Fardulli aus 23 schrieb am 11. August 2006. um 18:51
Bas mi je drago da toliko kasno ima Sabor jer tako bicu na Balkan i verovatno mogacu da vratim na najveci zabavi ko sam vidio kroz svet!
robert robert aus 7 schrieb am 11. August 2006. um 13:31
:-!We are two couples coming to Guca to visit a family who lived a time in Belgium. Actually we didn't know that the trumpetfestival would be moved from the 30the of August the 3rd of September. So we are in luck!!!!!! We are arriving on that 3rd of september for a stay of two nights. Every year we have harvest feasts, harmonie festivals (woodwind- and brass like trumpets, clarinetts). So blow your horn and blow it well. Cheers from Robert from Belgium, Antwerp 😉
Göran Christensen Göran Christensen aus 41 schrieb am 11. August 2006. um 12:58
Ciao Guca! This year i will bring 21 people from Sweden. This is my fourth year on the festival. I'm looking forward to meet you all again and I hope to bring my orchestra soon. last week we were on tour in Macedonia. it was sooooo great. Ciao from Goran, Svedska.