In modern Serbian tourism we are in the far-front. The pioneers of Gucha international.
We are a Small travel agency that brings international tourists to a wonderful Gucha trumpet festival.
The founder and owner Dejan Ciric was impressed with Guca festival and in 2001 he decided to start housing foreigners whom where interested in raw music or in very nice music adventure, where trumpets play late into the night
Our houses are in center of the town, 5 to 10 minutes of slow walk (depending on the house or request)
Accommodation is far enough away that you can sleep peacefully.
Our experienced hosts care for your safety and comfortable stay
We are also limited on guest’s number that can be accommodated in our housing.
We have housed many tourists trough these 20 years, with not a small amount of Journalists, Photographers, TV crews, Film crews from all 4 corners of the world.
We have organized transport – Belgrade – Gucha / Gucha – Belgrade.
Our care of our guests 24 hours during all days of the festival

We are very assistive with press/media and have discounts on crews, so as for orchestras.

For all the info
Email info@guca.rs
+381 65 3392303