Guca 2022 festival date !!!

We are very glad to announce that this year Guca festival will be from 5th
up to 7th August. It will be the 61st festival in a row and we are
expecting details of the program soon.

Winners of the 60th Guca trumpet competititon 2021


 The jubilee 60th Dragačevo Assembly was successfully held despite uncertainty due to the epidemiological situation with Covid – 19.

 A total of 17 trumpet orchestras participated and the expert jury made the following decisions:


Good news this year !!! Guca 2021


Dear guests and visitors of Guca Festival,

   The last Guca festival, in 2020, unfortunately for all of us, was canceled due to a pandemic caused by the corona virus.

Guca 2020 Canceled :(

Unfortunately, for all visitors and ourselves, this year’s trumpet festival in Guca will not be held due to the corona virus, which has become a global problem.
Until the last moment,


We are very pleased to announce that the next Guca festival 2020 will be held from 3rd August up to 9th August (from Monday up to Sunday evening).

As it will be 60th in a row festival 


Available are :

Two double rooms from 8th August up to 11th August
One double room for the nights 10th and 11th August
One double room for the night 9th August

Please contact us immediately at