Winners of the 60th Guca trumpet competititon 2021


 The jubilee 60th Dragačevo Assembly was successfully held despite uncertainty due to the epidemiological situation with Covid – 19.

 A total of 17 trumpet orchestras participated and the expert jury made the following decisions:

 – Kristijan Azirović was named the best trumpet player at the 60th Trumpet Festival

– Jovica Jovanović Orchestra from Lunovo Selo won the award for most traditional music making for the melody (“Od zlata jabuka”)

– The best orchestra is proclaimed the orchestra of Vladimir Ivanović from Zagužanje

 – Marko Trnavac from the orchestra of Jovica Jovanović was declared the most popular trumpet player, i.e. He won the trumpet of the audience

– Marko Gligorijevic Orchestra from Bajina Basta had the best song execution

– Kristijan Azirovic Orchestra from Bojnik had the best song execution for “Kolo” (Serban traditional dance)

– The second orchestra is the Marko Trnavac Orchestra from Mrselj

– The third orchestra is the Timočki Veseljaci orchestra from Knjaževac

– The second trumpet was won by Marko Gligorijevic from Bajina Basta

– The third trumpet was awarded to Vladimir Ivanovic from Zaguzanje

 – Filip Stojanovic from the orchestra of Sinisa Stankovic from Zaguzanje was named the best drummer

– Stefan Ilic from the orchestra of Vladimir Ivanovic from Zaguzanje was named the best bassist

– The best tenor is Milutin Jevđić from the Dragačevo Trumpet Orchestra from Guča

– Hope to see you next year in August!