Guca Program 2017  Just published 9.aug.2017

-The best program of the festival in the previous 7 years-

(GUČA, 09-13 AUGUST 2017)

WEDNESDAY, 09/08/2017

 Stage of the Center for Culture

2000  Semifinals of the senior brass bands
2100  Concert: Marko Gligorijevic, First trumpet audience of 56. Guca brass bands festival
2200  Cultural and artistic program

THURSDAY, 10/08/2017 

1100   Opening of the festival- at the Monument to a Trumpet player
1130   Press Conference-
1200   Opening of the exhibition-Museum of Trumpet
1230    Opening of the festivals tourism fair-courtyard of Trumpet Museum
1300    Opening of the Festivals book fair- courtyard of Trumpet Museum
Presentation of books and publications about the festival- Center for Culture
1330    Presentation of books and publications  – Center for Culture
1400    Opening of the exhibition of economy-sport center
1500    Meeting with leaders of young brass bands– Center for Culture 
1600   Cuvarkuca” Cultural and artistic program 
1700     Competition of young  brass bands

Main stage – on stadium

2000   Concert:  Jovanovic  Dikovic, most authentic(traditional )trumpet playing of 
          56. Guca brass bands festival
2100   Concert:  Dejan Petrovic- Big Band and friends
2300   Concert: Dejan Lazarevic, the master of trumpet

FRIDAY , 11/08/2017

0700 Wakening call of the trumpeters – streets of Guca
1130   Press Conference-
1300  The all-around people’s tournament in traditional sport disciplines – stadium
1400  Meeting with senior brass bands- center for Culture
1500   Cuvarkuca , Cultural and artistic program
1700  Festival parade – streets of Guca

Main stage-on stadium

1900  General  rehearsal  of the final competition
2100   Concert: Boban Markovic , master of trumpet
2300  Midnight concert (Brass bands finalists of the 57th  Festival)

SATURDAY, 12/08/2017

0700    Wakening call of the trumpeters – streets of Guca
1130     Press Conference-
1200     Promotion of the new album of the Guca Champion Ekrem Mamutovic
1300    Festival parade and improvisation of traditional Dragacevo wedding- streets of Guca
1400    Cuvarkuca,, Cultural and artistic program Stage ot the Center for culture
1500    The competition of Zdravicari (those who propose toasts) , Competition for the most        beautiful national costumes
1630     Cultural and artistic program of visitors from abroad
1800    Concert: ACAS “Ivo Lola Ribar” Belgrade

Main stage-stadium

1900     Concert of Ekrem Mamutovic, Champion of Guca 2016
2000     Final competition of brass orchestras-stadium
2300      Concert of winners 57nd Guca Festival

SUNDAY 13/08/2017

1400   Meeting with the leaders of the Trumpet masters brass bands – the House of the Trumpeters

Main stage –on stadium

   Concert of Bojan Ristic, Best Orchestra of 56th Guca Festival
1800   Contests trumpet masters for the title of Champion of Guca (10 brass bands)
2100   Concert : Goran Bregovic and Bijelo Dugme

-For all concerts admission is free!  

„See you by the next Festival“