The Monasteries


We organize daily excursion from Guča:

Spend your afternoon in the beautiful mountaine canyon ambient by the river Morava and find out more about Serbian history and orthodox religion.

The river Zapadna (west) Morava, flowing between mountains Ovcar and Kablar, has made one of the most beautiful canyon in Serbia-Ovcar-Kablar canyon.

Here, people can enjoy the beautiful landscape, see breathtakingly meanders of West Morava, walk through centuries-old forests, breathe fresh mountain air.

Ovcar-Kablar canyon is also known as the Serbian Holy mountain of Athos thanks to numerous medieval monasteries situated in this area.These monasteries are monuments of Serbian architecture, fresco-painting and culture and have always been center of Serbian spiritual life.

Therefore, Ovcar-Kablar canyon is proclaimed as protected natural estate by the governmental Act of the Republic of Serbia .

It is pearl of nature, pearl of peacefulness…

Visit it, and assure why.

Tour program:

Departure at 11:00 a.m. from Guca.

We will drive in Cacak direction and visit 3 monasteries: Blagovestenje, Nikolje and Uspenje. After that, we will have a boat trip on the River Morava (it is included in price).

Price: €35

Contact for The Monasteries tour:
booking E-Mail or call GSM-SMS +381 65 3430627