Program of the GUCA festival 2022



(GUČA, 05-07 AUGUST 2022)



FRIDAY, August 5, 2022

Traditional opening ceremony at the trumpet monument, in the center. Listen to introductory speech of the festival host and the first official brass band playing on 60th festival.

11:30  Press conference
Welcome press conference by the organizers for media workers, photographs and journalists. There will be announced all festival events, guests and all important things of 60th festival

12:00  Art exibition – opening
On the first floor of the Trumpet museum is reserved for art exhibitions. One of them will be open and presented to the audience.
The second floor is traditionally reserved for permanent exhibition about the trumpet, brass bands and the festival.

12:30  Old craft exibition

13:00   Book fair – opening

Trumpet museum yard will be occupied by the traditional book and tourist market. Local publishers and tourist organizations will present their editions and programs. Good way to buy perfect souvenir and find out more about the festival and Dragačevo region.

14:00  Book fair – Dragačevo in books and publications


             Stage in front of the Center for Culture
16:30    Concert: trumpet orchestras, cultural artistic  and  singing groups
17:30    Competition of pioneer and youth trumpet orchestras
20:00    Concert: Divanhana

            The main stage at the stadium
21:00  Concert: Danica Crnogorčević – Main stage at the stadium
22:00  Concert: Dejan Jevdjic concert


                                                       SATURDAY , 6/08/2022

07:00   Wakening call of the trumpeters – streets of Guca
11:00   Press Conference-
13:00   The all-around people’s tournament in traditional sport disciplines

            Stage in front of the Center of Culture:
17:00   Cultural artistic program: trumpet orchestras, cultural artistic  and  singing groups
16:00    Concert: Cultural art band “Dimitrije Koturović” Belgrade
19:00    Concert: International trupet players bands

            The main stage at the stadium

20:00  Concert: Winner of 60th festival “Pobedili su, zaslužili su”
21:00  Concert: Big band RTS
22:30  Concert: Dejan Lazarević
23:30 Concert: Ekrem Mamutović
            and after that DJ and trumpet players


                                                         SUNDAY, 7/08/2022

07:00    Wakening call of the trumpeters – streets of Guca
11:00    Festival parade and improvisation of traditional Dragacevo wedding-streets of Guca        

             Stage in front of the Center of Culture:
14:00    Concert: trumpet orchestras, cultural artistic  and singing groups
15:00   The competition of Zdravicari (those who propose toasts)
16.00   Competition  for the most beautiful national costumes
17:00   Concert: Cultural art ansambles

             The main stage at the stadium:
18:00    Final competition of senior brass orchestras
21.00    Concert: Folk RTS Orcestra and singers Ana Bekuta, Snežana Đurišić and Cakana
22:30   Awards of the competition
22:45   Concert: Boban & Marko Marković
00:00    Concert:  winner of  61. th  assembly

The organizer of the  festival announced that changes to the program are possible.

-For all concerts admission is free!  

„See you by the next Festival“