Offer for today
One room with double bed  for all days

minimum  3 nights reservation
Please contact us immediately and make your reservation

At a special lower price available rooms:
- double room for 10.08.(Wednesday) and 11.08.2016.(Thursday) 
- three beds room for the night 11.08.2016.
- three beds room for the night 13.08.2016.(Saturday)  
- hostel room of four beds for 11.08.2016.

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Concert tickets

If you want to visit the concerts (our mega giga folk rock stars) on Wednesday and Sunday , do not you worry because tickets at the price of RSD 800 (EUR 6.5) will be available at the ticket office next to the stadium in Guca

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Ceca & Severina in Guca

Dear guests, The organizer, as we expected, has made some changes and apply additions days to the program of Festival.

Additional days are Wednesday and Sunday with singers of folk pop and rock music Ceca, Severina, Miroslav Ilic and Riblja Corba.
WEDNESDAY, 10/08/2016

21:00 – Concerts :Ceca Raznatovic
and rock group „Riblja corba“ -stadium

SUNDAY, 14/08/2016

21:00- Concerts:Severina and Miroslav Ilic –stadium

Additional days means that the program is not based on trumpet music, but of course in the streets and restaurants is a traditional atmosphere

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In an amazing enviroment, in the town of Surdulica, on July 9th and 10th, the pre-competition of the senior and junior trumpet orchestras took place, as a part of the 31th Vlasina summer festival. It was a real „Guca before Guca“ event because 1 pioneer, 5 junior and 13 senior orchestras competed in their respective categories for the prestigious awards, the most modest of which is partecipation to the competition in Guca. Orchestras have had a hard task to prepare within two months a folk song that wasn’t chosen by themselves but from the "hat", as well as one „kolo“- "cocek" of their own choice.
After the introduction of the senior orchestras, which played from their soul in order to leave the jury breathless, during the pause for voting, good atmosphere was insured by orcestra Zlatne uste from New York - Brooklyn.The jury made the following choice:
-the best orchestras in the categorie of pioneer are :
- I orchestra Negovan Azirovic from Bojnik
- II orchestra Nikola Krstic from Zaguzanje
- III orchestra Mladjan Krstic from Zaguzanje.-the best orchestra in the categorie of junior are orchestras:

  • I Orchestra Danijel Lazarevic from Stubal
  • Orchestra Kristijan Trajkovic from Zaguzanje
  • Orchestra Emir Salkovic from Bojnik
  • I trumpet Darko Stankovic from Zaguzanje
  • Orchestra Isidor  Zecirovic from Bojnik
  • Orchestra Danijela Vasiljkovic from Lepenica

In the category of senior the best orchestras are :
-The best drummer is Denis Malincevic from orchestra Novica Ajdarevic - Pavlovac
- The best bassist is Jovan Ilic  from orchestra Vladimir Ivanovic - Zaguzanje
- The best tenor is Stefan Krstic from orchestra Sasa Krstic -Zaguzanje
- The best "kolo" played Elvis Bajramovic from Bojnik
- The best Song played Sefana Mladenovica from Vranje
- - The best played folk song Bojan Ristic from Vladicin Han
- The first trumpet of Vlasina summer festival is
Bojan Krstic from Vladinic Han
- The best orchestra is orchestra of Sefana Mladenovica from Vranje
- Jury Award audience to the jury decision :
first trumpet of audience Vladica Novkovic
from Zaguzanje


Also these senior orchestra will proceed their competition in Guca this year :
- Orchestra Bozidar Nikolic Donje from Grdelica
- Orchestra Sinisa Stankovic from Zaguzanje

In Guca and also go and:

U fantasticnom okruzenju, u Surdulici, u okviru 31. “Vlasinsko leto” ,održano je predtakmicenje trubackih omladinskih i seniorskih orkestara 9.07. i 10.07.2016. U pravom smislu držana je “Guca pre Guce“ jer je ucestvovao 1 pionirski, 5 omladinskih i 16 seniorskih orkestara koji su se nadmetali svako u svojoj konkurenciji za prestižne nagrade od kojih je najmanja odlazak na finalno takmicenje u Guci. Orkestri su imali težak zadatak da u roku od dva meseca pripreme po jednu narodnu pesmu koju nisu birali sami ve? iz „šešira“ , i jedno kolo , „cocek“ po sopstvenom izboru.
Nakon predstavljanja seniorskih orkestara , koji su svirali iz duše da obore žiri sa nogu, u pauzi dok je isti donosio odluke, za dobru atmosferu su se pobrinulo majstor trube Zlatne uste iz New York-a Brooklyn.

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