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Nidzo Nidzo da 18 pubblicato il 5. luglio 2010. alle 21:00:
Ok, it's no problem to sleep in the car or in the tent... But what if i want to take a shower? Are there any possibilities? MfG 😉
Jes Jes da 7 pubblicato il 4. luglio 2010. alle 10:29:
Any Belgians or nearby neighbours heading for GUCA? Road trip together? I'm not yet 100% sure I'll go. But would be nice to go in group. Jes
Marko Marko da 18 pubblicato il 28. giugno 2010. alle 19:16:
Hi guys, i and a friend of mine are planing ,to go to guca this year by car-and i just wanted to ask if there are any possibilties of parking our car on a guarded carpark even if we sleep in a tent and not in a guest room. hvala lijepo
Aleksandar Aleksandar da 8 pubblicato il 28. giugno 2010. alle 17:21:
FOR THOSE ONES WHO ARE ASKING QUESTIONS ABOUT CAMPING! You don't need to stay in private rooms or smth like that, YOU CAN STAY IN YOUR TENT FOR FREE(not paying camp), and you can choose where ever you want to put up your tent. p.s. it's much better(more fun, party etc.) than private rooms, and YOU DON'T NEED TO PAY ANYTHING. 🙂 Ziveli (cheers) and see you there! GUCAAAAAAAAAAA MADNESSSSSSSSSS!!!
sawka sawka da 34 pubblicato il 22. giugno 2010. alle 13:06:
Hey People:) Poland are also coming to Guca! Do You know something more about: "Competition of people proposing toasts contest for the most beautiful male and fimale folk suits-stage in front of the House of Culture" Did everybody can take a part in this competitions?
Tereza Tereza da 12 pubblicato il 21. giugno 2010. alle 18:03:
Hello, I'd love to visit Guča festival this year and I wonder if there is any possibility to sleep in my own tent or if I need to book another type of accomodation (hostel, private etc). Thanks for answer
LakeConstance LakeConstance da 18 pubblicato il 9. giugno 2010. alle 21:09:
Hello everybody, i heard a nice Bleh Muzika Song on Silvester and then i remembered a TV show where they shown a brass festival somewhere over the rainbow 🙂 And the world goes on, but some weeks ago we watched Eurovision Song Contest 2010 and remembered the Bleh Muzika Song. So i decided to go to Guca in 2010. It is my first trip to Guca, what i have to keep in mind?, e.g. 1.) Where could i stay overnight? 2.) Is there a bus line from Belgrade to Guca 3.) Is english a sufficient way to communicate with the people? Cheerio!
Amanda Amanda da 72 pubblicato il 9. giugno 2010. alle 16:59:
I saw the movie "Guca" on Link TV here in the US and fell in love with it all. It must be wonderful to be there in person.
Doc Doc da 8 pubblicato il 11. maggio 2010. alle 17:43:
Cuo sad da ce i Miroslav Ilic biti u Guci ove god. Da li je info. potvrdjena, i o kojemu danu se radi. Vidim da nema najave sluzbeno! Pozdrav svima
atila atila da 35 pubblicato il 10. maggio 2010. alle 10:50:
Hi friends! I'm planning to visit Guca this summer, and i've some doubts. I hope someone could help me with a couple of questions: -I have only one day to visit the festival, i'll arrive in saturday and i fly back home from belgrad in Sunday...also what do you recommend...¿could i find some place to sleep there?, if i find a place in Cacak. do you think i could drive after the party or there will be a lot of police checkin my % alcohol? thanks...i'll see you there!
Balkan Baraba Balkan Baraba da 18 pubblicato il 29. aprile 2010. alle 13:49:
Jooooooooooooj bre, i´m exited about GUCA, too. My best friend and i will be there for the first time in our lives... C U soon.... Ma bice prava ludnica ljudi.....jedva cekam da dodjem....Nek bude veselo..hajde vidimo se..... pozdrav iz nemacke DJ Mace Windu aka Balkan Baraba
Geoff Young Geoff Young da 72 pubblicato il 25. aprile 2010. alle 23:27:
DUUUUUDDDDDDDDEEE. OHH man we are excited. we are tina and geoff. we will be of the dancing variety at guca. you will be able to spot us by our loud voices. we have the excite! can't wait. you will all be in love with our faces.8-0
Melissa Melissa da 18 pubblicato il 19. aprile 2010. alle 11:58:
who goes this year to Guca?? Add me:
andy andy da 18 pubblicato il 15. aprile 2010. alle 13:38:
Hello people, Guca is Guca !!! i was twice there, and be back again. Need cheap accomodation this time for 3-4 persons. Just bed and shower. Private or relatives, are the best. I would be glad to get some offers. :-}
Ana Ana da 41 pubblicato il 9. aprile 2010. alle 08:47:
Cao, jel moze Goran Bregovic malo ranije da dodje, nazalost se vracam za svedsku BAS 19avg :-(. maler :-(:-(
Dado Dado da 8 pubblicato il 18. marzo 2010. alle 09:20:
Pozdrav svima, planiram ove godine u Gucu, i zanima me gdje se moze rezervisati spavanje (hotel, motela, privatni smjestaja i sl. za 6 osoba!)Ako netko ima neke br. tel. da mi javi! Hvala!
Andrej Andrej da 18 pubblicato il 9. marzo 2010. alle 17:19:
Jebes Drzavu koja gucu nema 😀
Vuk Vuk da 242 pubblicato il 25. febbraio 2010. alle 14:18:
Great trumpet player,Boban Markovic and his orchestra will appear in Roskilde music festival... and in many furthcoming performances in Finland ,Hungary,France and other destination.. Worm up for Guca festival:-)
SAN... SAN... da 32 pubblicato il 22. febbraio 2010. alle 17:01:
GUCHA IS THE GREATEST FESTIVAL, I had a wonderful time!! I want to say to all the people posting stupid comments: GUCHA is for people who like to get crazy and have fun!! not for boring idiots 😀 Serbs just really love their country...that's not the same as being a racist.. I can't believe someone can be so stupid to say that. I really like the serbian people, they are friendly and they know how to have fun! I can't wait for the next festival 🙂
magda magda da 242 pubblicato il 4. febbraio 2010. alle 21:01:
shta se nudi ove godine? jel dolazi ko popularan? 🙂