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AnaAna da 41 pubblicato il 9. aprile 2010. at 08:47:
Cao, jel moze Goran Bregovic malo ranije da dodje, nazalost se vracam za svedsku BAS 19avg :-(. maler :-(:-(
DadoDado da 8 pubblicato il 18. marzo 2010. at 09:20:
Pozdrav svima,planiram ove godine u Gucu, i zanima me gdje se moze rezervisati spavanje (hotel, motela, privatni smjestaja i sl. za 6 osoba!)Ako netko ima neke br. tel. da mi javi! Hvala!
AndrejAndrej da 18 pubblicato il 9. marzo 2010. at 17:19:
Jebes Drzavu koja gucu nema 😀
VukVuk da 242 pubblicato il 25. febbraio 2010. at 14:18:
Great trumpet player,Boban Markovic and his orchestra will appear in Roskilde music festival... and in many furthcoming performances in Finland ,Hungary,France and other destination.. Worm up for Guca festival:-)
SAN...SAN... da 32 pubblicato il 22. febbraio 2010. at 17:01:
GUCHA IS THE GREATEST FESTIVAL, I had a wonderful time!! I want to say to all the people posting stupid comments: GUCHA is for people who like to get crazy and have fun!! not for boring idiots 😀Serbs just really love their country...that's not the same as being a racist.. I can't believe someone can be so stupid to say that.I really like the serbian people, they are friendly and they know how to have fun! I can't wait for the next festival 🙂
magdamagda da 242 pubblicato il 4. febbraio 2010. at 21:01:
shta se nudi ove godine? jel dolazi ko popularan? 🙂
NikolinaRakicNikolinaRakic da 18 pubblicato il 4. febbraio 2010. at 20:38:
hello.. i'm really sad about your comments. i was in guca and i had a wonderful time there. people come to guca to have fun.. this is maybe the reason why the most of them were drunk barbara/nadija. I'm sorry if you hadn't fun, but maybe you should worry if it's up to you, perhaps.the serbian people are friendly and not only to Hollywood stars!!!!!!Pozdrav..
chrischris da 72 pubblicato il 2. febbraio 2010. at 11:52:
im sorry 2 say but, was there last year and i didnt like that nazi spirit in people! maybe one day again when people become more christian and less fasicst, till then i wish you all the best 🙂
KrystalliaKrystallia da 19 pubblicato il 31. gennaio 2010. at 11:12:
hi there! couldn't make it last year,,i agree that being proud of your calture its far away from being a racist,, and i was reading carefully all the comments and i just think that in all open fests where different people come together,, bad images exists,, i still want to drink all this music this year,, and at the end it deepends which side of people want to look of.. ps.want some acomodations but not in a tent,, anything available? greets from Greece
balkani ilanbalkani ilan da 205 pubblicato il 20. gennaio 2010. at 01:46:
😀 hey guys im looking for some accomondations in guca ,for two person for 2010 aug 18-till22.molim help me......thanx e-mail
BarbaraBarbara da 18 pubblicato il 31. agosto 2009. at 20:32:
Hi, my name is barbara, and I`m sorry that I have to tell you that I was a little bit sad when I was in Guca. I thought that I could have a good time there but one day I realized that I was surrounded by people who were very nationalistic. I don´t like being a racist. I don´t like racists in serbia like in Germany... Peace Barbara
PredragPredrag da 18 pubblicato il 29. agosto 2009. at 17:53:
Pozdrav ljudi kako vam je bilo na GUCI...pozdrav iz Memmingena
sremicasremica da 18 pubblicato il 23. agosto 2009. at 08:26:
GUCA JE FENOMENALNA.OVE GODNIE SAM PRVI PUT BILA I ODUSEVILA SE.SAMO -WOW- super je ova stranica ali samo vam nejde nesto na druge jezike nego samo uvek engleski, bilo bi bas super kad bi mogli to ta sredite. jel ima negde stranica gde moze da se rezervise za sobe.
SlawekSlawek da 5 pubblicato il 22. agosto 2009. at 22:16:
Ove Godine bilo je jedan nezaboravan provod na guci!!! Sta da se kaze nema niko to sto Srbija ima, i to jedna GUCA!!!!Pozdrav svima i vidimo se iduce godine! :-B:-B:-B:-B:-B:-B
PeppiPeppi da 40 pubblicato il 20. agosto 2009. at 15:04:
Hi all of you who have bin at Slobodan`s place this year. Thank you girls and boys for a beautiful time I spended with you. Good bless you all, take care of you, stay as you are and see you next year on the Guca Festival. To all of you who may be interessted - the Guca video made at the time at Slobodan´s will be on YouTube soon. Love you All. Peace for the World!
JaneJane da 12 pubblicato il 17. agosto 2009. at 12:45:
Hi everybody,it was great time in Guča...I really liked it. It was unforgettable experience...Nice people, very good musicians everyvhere...I hope, we will go visit Guča next year again...I look forward to it...
Gabriela-redhair oneGabriela-redhair one da 38 pubblicato il 16. agosto 2009. at 08:22:
Thanks GUCA!!!!! It was highlight of my summer, music, serbian people, burek, rakija, atmosphere, camp near school with noisy people..i fell in love with this all stuff:)) next year again
RobertRobert da 44 pubblicato il 13. agosto 2009. at 19:40:
Just back from Guca 49 - fantastic experience.:-) My favourite band on competition day (Sunday) was the 5th band on stage listed as 5th semifinalist. Does anyone know the name of this band and its trumpeter?
clausclaus da 18 pubblicato il 12. agosto 2009. at 12:14:
Hi Guca-friends, back from Guca i listen to some Majstori trube at home in Munich. I already miss the nice atmosphere there, the music and the good grilling despite of some serbian nationalism. Our stay at Rades house was cool, nice family 8-0 (thanks also to Dejan Ciric and his team for the good organisation). Boban Markovic on the hill at thursday was the highlight and naturally the bands on the streets. I hope to return sometime to Guca, bye - claus
PavelPavel da 86 pubblicato il 12. agosto 2009. at 05:30:
Hello everybody! How it was? 😛