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Boris Dobrnjac Boris Dobrnjac da 5 pubblicato il 8. settembre 2010. alle 19:35:
Kao i svake godine je bilo ekstra na guci, ali moram reci svaka cast organizatorima 50toga sabora stvarno je bio poseban 50ti Hvala svima sto su ucestovali u nasoj Banja luka Party vidimo se iduce godine sa jos vecim spektaklom nego ove i vise ljudi ( Mi smo oni sto su kuvali na vodi):-) Pozdrav Banja Luka Party Team :-)8-0
Francesco Francesco da 23 pubblicato il 31. agosto 2010. alle 06:40:
We was in Guca the 18 august 2010... it was wonderful!!!!! see you the next year, but for a week!!!! guca we 8-0 you!!!!!
Klausz Klausz da 20 pubblicato il 30. agosto 2010. alle 14:40:
Szijasztok! Én már kétszer voltam Gucán, minden évben ott is leszek ezentúl! Imádom Gucát, Balkánt, zenét, mentalitást, stílust ... minden ami szerb 🙂 Imádom !!!
Silvia Silvia da 23 pubblicato il 28. agosto 2010. alle 04:02:
Hi, I'm Silvia from Italy. I went in the wonderful Guca on 17-8-2010 and i met a serbian guy that i couldn't found anymore. i know that this is impossible but I try! The boy works for some particular website, I'm the girl who lost her passport and documents in Belgrade i show you my denunciation in cyrillic on the balcony, we met on 17 in Guca, in the appartament where two of your friend were sleep. If you read this message, please contact me (, i just only want to say hello to you! Bye everybody! See you next year!
balkani balkani da 205 pubblicato il 28. agosto 2010. alle 01:26:
8-0 hvala vas the best again...we was there with all my family...spend lot opf mony and extremly enjoyed...hvala serbia
Irena Ivanovic Irena Ivanovic da 23 pubblicato il 26. agosto 2010. alle 19:50:
Jedinstveni je dozivljaj prisustvovati saboru trubaca u Guci. Veliki pozdrav iz Italije.
Zsuzsanna Zsuzsanna da 20 pubblicato il 24. agosto 2010. alle 21:21:
8-0Szuper volt a fesztivál!!!!Imádom Szerbiát!!A legjobb fesztivál!Jövőre találkozunk megint!!!Hvala!!!
Mariusz Mariusz da 34 pubblicato il 23. agosto 2010. alle 22:05:
Dear Natasa, Dejan, Nenad, Sergen... Thank You to taking us to 24/7 wild party ! Guca with You was great. We are now back at homes in Poland, UK, South Africa... music, rakija ...and kupus is still with us. Hvala !!! x 1000 Mariusz, Malgosia, Kuba, Wlodek, Ian and Gavin.
Quinn Quinn da 184 pubblicato il 23. agosto 2010. alle 07:41:
LOST/STOLEN: CANON IXUS CAMERA Hi there, Im from Australia and I came to Guca for one day and my camera was stolen during Goran Bregovic's performance (which was amazing). I know the chances are very small but if someone knows anything about finding this camera, there is a REWARD if the memory card is returned or found. If the camera is found, the photos on the camera are of me and my ethnicity is Chinese. I was told that the guy who took it was a young local guy who lived in Guca. Any information would be greatly appreciated. +447522102668
Sevket from Germany/Turkey Sevket from Germany/Turkey da 87 pubblicato il 23. agosto 2010. alle 07:11:
Congratulations for 50th birthday! Balkan Music is amanzing - Greatz from Kayseri (Turkey) and Münster (Germany). Marko Markovic & Goran Bregovic are great.
Sergio Sergio da 23 pubblicato il 20. agosto 2010. alle 14:10:
We had a great time during our first "Guca experience". Too bad it was only a two day stay, but we'll be back next year!
Nils From Grecce Nils From Grecce da 19 pubblicato il 18. agosto 2010. alle 22:07:
Hello all from Guca. I hope al have a nite when you come to guca for this whas my 5 year.
László László da 20 pubblicato il 18. agosto 2010. alle 08:12:
Hi friends! I would appreciate, if anybody could recommend a cheap accommodation for a student couple for Saturday (08.21) night. What are the usual prices for one night for two persons? László
Sven Sven da 41 pubblicato il 17. agosto 2010. alle 21:02:
2 persons looking for a ride or bus to Guca from Beograde, 18th August. Any ideas? We read here tomorrow morning.
Ana T. Ana T. da 38 pubblicato il 16. agosto 2010. alle 15:23:
Zdravo, par mojih prijatelja ovde iz Slovacke ide za Gucu 18og. posto je taj dan Bregovic, mislite da imaju sanse da nadju smestaj na licu mesta? gde da se obrate? jel' je slicno kao na primorju kada vas salete domaci i nude smestaj? Hvala Ana
wolfgang wolfgang da 18 pubblicato il 16. agosto 2010. alle 12:21:
congratulations for 50 years Guca from Sauerland-Herbst Brass festival. a few weeks ago I´ve sent you a mail with an invitation to our brass festival. I like to give an invitation to the winner of your anniversary festival to our brass festival in Oct./Nov. 2011. Are you intererested? Wolfgang
Zara Zara da 9 pubblicato il 14. agosto 2010. alle 19:19:
Hi people, Do you know is there any entry for the concerts of Shantel and Goran Bregovich? And how much is it gone be? Thanks a lot:-};-):-}
Nikola Nikola da 49 pubblicato il 12. agosto 2010. alle 13:43:
Na oficijelnom sajtu pise da je ulaz u gucu besplatan! Kako sada 1.000 dinara ulaz za kola?!?!? Ne moze neko naplacivati ulazak u mesto (nije ustavno). Ili mozda moze? Sta je od ovoga svega istina?
Boris D. Boris D. da 5 pubblicato il 9. agosto 2010. alle 17:56:
pozdrav svima, imam jedno pitanje ja dolazim na gucu da slikam, pa me interesuje dali postoje mogucnosti da se pride svugde bez ikakvih specialnih karti hvala unapred i ako moze nekako da se neko javi na moj email Boris D.
Dawid Dawid da 34 pubblicato il 9. agosto 2010. alle 17:55:
Hello I have some questions to arrive and accomodation in Guca. We will arrive in pack of 3-4 people by our car, we would like to stay in tent at the camping for 4 nights. We have to reservation place? How much it could cost? And how much we have to pay for car? We whant to start our trip at saturday (14.08) at morning and we plan arrived to Guca at 9-10 pm. Thanks in advance 🙂 Dawid