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panos panos da 19 pubblicato il 31. luglio 2008. alle 13:22:
hi,i'll be in Belgrade's train station at the 7th of August,how can i get from there to Guca? if anyone leave's from there same day just let me phone number is 0030 6970831244 c.u. there Panos
mireia mireia da 40 pubblicato il 29. luglio 2008. alle 13:41:
Hi everyone! Done anyone know how to get from Belgrad to Guca by bus or train? I'm arriving at Belgradf the 6th august with 3 friends, does anyone else have to travel to Guca that day anf want to join us??
daNI daNI da 18 pubblicato il 29. luglio 2008. alle 07:08:
hey guys, i´m going offline on the danube, if there is any specific meeting point in belgrad just call me or write an sms: 0174 3104225 hope to see you all in belgrad, greetinx from budapest
Lukas Lukas da 12 pubblicato il 27. luglio 2008. alle 13:57:
AHOJ, VYZVA PRO VSECHNY CECHY, kteri se chystaji do Guci. Udelal bych sraz. Coz takhle 8.8.08 v 18 hodin pred bankou na hlavnim namesti. Kdo by se zucastnil, at napise. Uz se tesim jak maly kote. Nema nekdo dve volny mista v aute. Pridame na benzin. Vyrazime tretiho, ale muzem si prizpusobit. Jelen pivo
Mike van der Bruggen Mike van der Bruggen da 32 pubblicato il 25. luglio 2008. alle 11:52:
I miss Guca. Only visited once in 2005, but circumstances prevented me from repeating that visit. I wish everyone lots of fun, and lovely music!
Janek Janek da 18 pubblicato il 23. luglio 2008. alle 20:47:
Hi folks! We would like to know, if there is any camping-fee and how much is the entrence to the festival, if there is one? 😕 Thanks!
Robert Robert da 18 pubblicato il 16. luglio 2008. alle 21:34:
Hallo, Guča-Pilger, Thilo, Tom, Robert fahren Dienstag (5.8.) früh los, von Leipzig über Dresden-Prag-Budapest-Belgrad. Ein Platz ist noch frei. Grüße,
Peppi Peppi da 40 pubblicato il 15. luglio 2008. alle 13:38:
hallo liebe guca fans, ich wohne auf tenerife und komme zum festival im august. würde mich gerne treffen mit ein paar netten leuten um die tollen tagen in guca zusammen zu verbringen. die sprache soll kein problem dastellen da ich fliesend serbisch, deutsch,englisch, dänisch und spanisch spreche. es wäre sehr schön wenn wir eine multi-kulti gruppe bilden. auf eure reaktion würde mich freuen. ich bin im serbien von 24.07.-12.08. alles liebe peppi hi dear guca fans, i´m living on tenerife and will be coming to festival this year. i would like to meet some nice people to share the nice time with during the festival. i´m speaking fluently serbian, german, english, dainish and spanish so we wont have a language barier. it would be very nice if we could make a multi-kulti group and i would be happy to hear from you. i will be in serbien from 24.07.-12.08. all the best. peppi
Wojtek Wojtek da 34 pubblicato il 14. luglio 2008. alle 09:02:
Hej. Me and my girlfriend want to be in Guca festival this year. We are looking for nice accomodation. It can be place for tent or even one (big:-)) bed. If you can help us it'd be great. We travel by train and hitch hiking. Maybe someone have free places in car from Poland or even Slovakia or Czech Rep. We can share fuel. Please let me know. mail
marapo marapo da 12 pubblicato il 12. luglio 2008. alle 16:24:
taky poprvy,juchu.jedete autem?
Jana Jana da 12 pubblicato il 9. luglio 2008. alle 17:43:
Hello everyone! We are going to come to Guca.It will be first experience. I would like to know if there's some possibility of camping, how far is it from the festival (is it important to book that in advance?), how much is it and some suggestions for sightseeing around and in Serbia generally? Thanks, let's see in guca! 🙂 A nÄ›kdo z ÄŒR nemá s festivalem zkuÅ¡enosti?:-)
daNI daNI da 18 pubblicato il 9. luglio 2008. alle 09:42:
hallo, ich möchte nach guca fahren und suche noch eine begleitung. ich bin davor mit dem floß auf der donau unterwegs und würde von belgrad aus starten. gibt es jemand, der sich mit mir da treffen würde? greetinx from dresden, daNI
ABu ABu da 86 pubblicato il 9. luglio 2008. alle 09:34:
Hellow? everybody! We are from St-Petersburg. We are going to Gucha this year. Do we need any cooking gas ок primus to make our food? or we could join somebody or by it. it's a problem to transport any gas tanks by airfly. is it posible to by cheep food. Thanks. And 2. Is it posible ti make fireshow at nights in Gucha? Всем привет! Подскажите. можно ли обойтись без горелки и присоединиться к кому-нибудь готовить пишу. И сколько стоит питаться есле покупать пищу? будем рабы всех видеть. А еще мы привезем фаершоу: будем по ночам крутить огонь.
Michael Michael da 18 pubblicato il 9. luglio 2008. alle 08:24:
Hi there! I am looking for people who would like to join me on my trip to Guca by car, preferably two days for each way. I live in Southern Germany and I will spend 4 nights in Guca. If you are interested in a homestay as well, there is one bed left due to inability of one of my friends. Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions! Regards, Michael
romain romain da 16 pubblicato il 8. luglio 2008. alle 11:36:
Hello all, we are too young french guys (26 & 27), we wish to join Guca for the festival. We aim to reach this city by car, that's why i'm writing this note. If anybody want to join us, don't hesitate. Let me know. For now, we just have a two passengers car but we are looking for a larger one. Have a nice day
Mihael Mihael da 18 pubblicato il 2. luglio 2008. alle 18:49:
😕 Hilfee !!! ich würde sooo gerne nach Guca fahren jedoch brauche ich noch Begleitung. Würde gerne mit anderen Studis zum Festival. Gibt es eine Gruppe oder jemanden der auch gerne nach Guca fahren Möchte? Ich würde von Nürnberg aus Reisen. Am liebsten mit Bus oder Auto und dort gerne zelten. Jedoch würde ich nicht zurückfahren sondern in Serbien bleiben. Außerdem ist es von Vorteil das ich die Landessprache spreche, falls jemand einen dolmedscher braucht. Hoffe es meldet sich schnell jemand.
Alla Alla da 86 pubblicato il 2. luglio 2008. alle 07:04:
Hi everybody! We are a married couple from Russia (47 and 50 yeas old).We were at Sabor Trubaca in 2007 and would like to come again this year with our friends. Last year we put up a tent in a camp, but this year would like to rent 2 rooms (for us and our friends). If possible, we need 2 rooms with two beds (or double bed)and bathrooms (2 dvokrevetne sobe sa kupateloma). We would be very grateful if someone could help us with the reservation/ Please, contact us by mail,, Alla and Boris from Russia
Annemarie Sarto Annemarie Sarto da 5 pubblicato il 2. luglio 2008. alle 06:41:
Hi! Ich bin die Mecki und werde am 6.August meinen Ehemann (Chris) in Guca treffen! Freue mich schon auf seinen Joystick!!! Gruß aus Österreich! Annemarie!
Christian Sarto Christian Sarto da 5 pubblicato il 2. luglio 2008. alle 06:12:
Hallo Leute! Bin 47 Jahre alt, und möchte am 6.august nach Guca zum Konzert. Hat jemand noch einen Platz im Auto frei oder würde jemand mit mir dorthin trampen? Bitte um Antwort! mfg. Chris!
ALEKS ALEKS da 184 pubblicato il 1. luglio 2008. alle 11:59: