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Bane Bumbar Bane Bumbar da 23 pubblicato il 2. dicembre 2008. alle 13:12:
Jedno je sigurno,ovakva manifestacija ne postoji nigde na svetu...samo napred trubaci dajte sve od sebe uz predivne zvuke vasih instrumenata:-D:-D
Ivaylo Ivaylo da 9 pubblicato il 28. novembre 2008. alle 21:08:
Hi all i am from bulgaria. I want to go in GUCA 2009 but i don`t know location and where stay all 5 days. Please someone can helpme to find a hotel(tourist agency) and transport to guca. hmmm canyou telme whre find guca on a map 🙂 My contact is a mail or skype vladimirov1984 best regards from Bulgaria
Zip Zip da 20 pubblicato il 27. ottobre 2008. alle 17:46:
Hi! I'm from Hungary and I would like to go to Guca in 2009. I've been never to Serbia and I don't know wheater it's dangerous to go there or not. Is it?:-? What does the festival cost? Thx
miki miki da 16 pubblicato il 7. ottobre 2008. alle 09:10:
OOOPPPPPPPPAAAAAAAA SVIMA !!! Pozdrav iz Francuske, idem sledecu godinu u GUCU da se provedemo sa drugarima koji videli reportazu od naseg festivala. Nas narod je lud i to se zna ali kad svira muziku cuje se i to bilo gde na PLANETU!!! POZDRAV SVIMA I VIDIMO SE USKORO.....:-)
Aleksandra Aleksandra da 184 pubblicato il 11. settembre 2008. alle 11:15:
Hej Narode, Hvala za najlepsi provod koji sam imala u svom zivotu...Najverovatnije se vidimo ponovo za 50-tu godisnjicu Guce.Ce da vidim sta cu i kako cu.Vuce, Srdjane, Dejane i Natasa.Hvala Vam za svo gostoprimstvo.Ako vam ista zatreba tu sam Imate moj email. Will be sending some crazy photos as soon as i get back to Sydney. THAMKS GUYS FOR EVERYTHING! Fingers crossed sometime in the futurre you will have Holland national television in visit so please be nice..:_))):-D Gane stay in touch when i come back to Sydney. LOve you all, Aleksandra8-0
nils nils da 41 pubblicato il 31. agosto 2008. alle 08:46:
31/8 Hello! This whas my first nice time in Guca ther a find new frends how play trumpet like me and a olso here very much god musik. I will come next year. Regards Nils
Ossi the fin Ossi the fin da 15 pubblicato il 22. agosto 2008. alle 17:02:
Does anyone know the dates for next yars festival?
Sungura Sungura da 18 pubblicato il 20. agosto 2008. alle 19:59:
Bitte, ladet doch mal die 17 Hippies ein....:-}8-0
Wojtek Wojtek da 34 pubblicato il 13. agosto 2008. alle 09:27:
Hello everyone! I've never seen such a beautiful and crazy festival.Gypsy style trumpet sound all the time, gypsy dancers, and alcohol..Uff was great. See You next year and dont worry to come to Gucia!!#-):-D Rzeszów
bindic balkani ilan bindic balkani ilan da 20 pubblicato il 12. agosto 2008. alle 06:44:
😀 hey maaan it was the biggest craziness inda wordl....i was drunk days i have danced non stop .....everybody kindly and year again.....guca guca guca ajde....ja htio sam kaziti ....hvala srbiii.ilan i drugovi iz madarske
ilan bindic balkani ilan bindic balkani da 20 pubblicato il 7. agosto 2008. alle 07:21:
hi guys...we are traveling tonight to guca..from hungary with crazy balkanci.....see you there.....vidimo se balkani ilan and his bradhers and friends
Gitti Gitti da 18 pubblicato il 5. agosto 2008. alle 22:42:
hallo zusammen, weiß jemand noch eine günstige Übernachtung für Samstag und Sonntag für 2 Personen in Guca oder ganz in der Nähe? Liebe Grüße Gitti
kube kube da 12 pubblicato il 5. agosto 2008. alle 16:57:
Hi everybody!! We are leaving from Brno (CZ) to Guca at 8.8. a have 3 free places in the car. Boarding possible in Brno, Bratislava, Budapest, Szeged or Beograd. If you are interested, do not hesitate to contact us at: +420 737 928 540 See you!
kube kube da 12 pubblicato il 5. agosto 2008. alle 16:56:
Hi everybody!! We are leaving from Brno (CZ) to Guca at 8.8. a have 3 free places in the car. Boarding possible in Brno, Bratislava, Budapest, Szeged or Beograd. If you are interested, do not hesitate to contact us. See you!
The Boy and Girl Scout The Boy and Girl Scout da 242 pubblicato il 4. agosto 2008. alle 16:21:
Anyone who`s coming in Belgrade on 5 august and want to go with us in Wednesday morning to Guca, let me know by SMS on +381 69 2763 502. We are planning to be there in the morning, so we can found our camping place easy. We gonna travel by a local bus, its much more cheap than other buses.:-)
Vasco Girão Vasco Girão da 35 pubblicato il 4. agosto 2008. alle 12:44:
I'm going from Belgrad the 9th for the 2 last days of the festival. We have 2 places free in our car... Feel free to join us!
kube kube da 12 pubblicato il 4. agosto 2008. alle 08:54:
Hi lowers of Guca! There are 2 places free in the car Brno CZ - Guca on 8.8. If interested, contatc us. See you there Zdravim vsechny milovniky Guci! Mame 2 mista volna mista v aute na ceste Brno - Guca dne 8.8. Pokud mate zajem se s nami svezt, dejte vedet na mail. V Guci na videnou!
Ivi Ivi da 42 pubblicato il 2. agosto 2008. alle 16:52:
Hi folks, We are 2 guys from Switzerland we stay from 7.08-10.08 in Guca. If someone want to join us here's the number: +41763827821. Just send a sms.
Mets Mets da 12 pubblicato il 1. agosto 2008. alle 12:48:
ZduÃ…â„¢, jestli to chapu dobre plati se jen za ubyt. v hostelech apod., když hodim stan do prirody je to ok ? vstup se neaky plati ? (nemuzu to tu najit cesky 😀 ) diky za odpoved
apco apco da 39 pubblicato il 31. luglio 2008. alle 23:53:
😎 a few more days 😎 see yaa