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Aleksandra Aleksandra from 184 wrote on 30. April 2008. at 02:49:
#-)#-):-B:-D GUCAAAAA, ove godine definitvni..Narode vidimo se tamo,,Rodjena u Srbiji zivela u Srbiji ali nikad nisam imala sanse da odem u Gucu...E OVE GODINE IDEM! Makar SEKIRE PADALE..JEdva cekam da provedem 4 dana tamo...Drzite se evo me dolazim
Pavel Pavel from 86 wrote on 18. April 2008. at 22:08:
Marko Marko from 18 wrote on 8. April 2008. at 17:37:
GUCA...Vidimo se ovog leta. Do sada nisam imao prilike da odem ali se zato nadam da cu biti dobro. Zato sto cu povesti par drugara iz Nemacke, pa nisam siguran kako ce im se svideti to nase ludilo??? Jedan veliki pozdrav svima Marko #-)
Nenad Nenad from 49 wrote on 21. March 2008. at 16:22:
😀 Halo vasa strana je super ja hocu ove godine isto da idem jos nikada nisam bio i nadam se dace biti lepo. Posetite moju stranicu:
yahia aliskander yahia aliskander from 72 wrote on 15. March 2008. at 08:22:
i forgot my original point. PLEASE MAKE YOUR DOWLOADS GNU/LINUX FRIENDLY. i am running ubunbtu 7.10
yahia aliskander yahia aliskander from 72 wrote on 15. March 2008. at 08:19:
excellent, beautiful site. what a shame it would be if i died without being in guca. one day will make it.
Aleksa Aleksa from 242 wrote on 3. March 2008. at 22:48:
welcome to all of you from Greece, Deuchland, Ireland, Egypt... sorry if I forget somebody... 🙂
Stanislav Stanislav from 18 wrote on 3. March 2008. at 18:58:
Hallo an alle Fans dieser schönen Musik.Ich möchte dieses Jahr(2008) bei diesem Festival dabei sein und wollte mal gerne wissen wer auch aus Deutschland dorthin fahren will. Evtl. kann man ja auch zusammenreisen.:-):-):-)
Alex Alex from 19 wrote on 19. February 2008. at 23:40:
Is anyone going to guca 2008 from greece?
Clay Clay from 41 wrote on 16. February 2008. at 12:25:
Ove godine je Guca obavezna. Prvi puta idem iz Swe i nadam se odlicnom provodu i jos boljoj muzici!;-)
mohamed sawwah mohamed sawwah from 146 wrote on 11. February 2008. at 13:40:
hello, i am very interest with your music i am a trumpet player from egypt we play almost the same kind of music check out my website hope that u like what iam doing have a nice day mohamed
super leks super leks from 42 wrote on 28. January 2008. at 12:54:
hab eine kurze frage: ich plane den aufenthalt in gucu 2008. meine unterkunft wäre eventuell in gornja trepca. würde es sich lohnen dort während des guca festivals zu wohnen? wäre das pendeln nicht all zu ansträngend?
Pavel Pavel from 12 wrote on 11. January 2008. at 17:53:
Zdravim, nevali letos nekdo busem z Brna? Prece jen je to par hodin a necheme se starou lezt na nervy sobe 🙂
Kafebronz Kafebronz from 22 wrote on 11. January 2008. at 17:45:
Hi, is someone going to travel from Ireland?
MAGDA_BRE MAGDA_BRE from 34 wrote on 9. January 2008. at 21:49:
pa bash fino, onda se vidimo tamo za pola godine ne na jelici nego na trubi;-) ja sam ti inache iz beograda, al moj ti je cale rodom iz lisica,selo kod mi to dodje blizu tebe, hehe
magda_bre magda_bre from 49 wrote on 4. January 2008. at 21:37:
malo se ja shalim, znash...
magda_bre magda_bre from 49 wrote on 4. January 2008. at 21:36:
vuche more, brate mili, oklen si ti a? da nisi mozda iz pozegu,ehehe;-)
Daniel Daniel from 15 wrote on 20. December 2007. at 07:48:
🙂 Looking for Finnish Visitors that visited Guca in 2005 Can anyone help me?
Daniel Daniel from 41 wrote on 20. December 2007. at 07:46:
🙂 Looking for Finnish Visitors that visited Guca in 2005 Can anyone help?
Christos Lamprianidis Christos Lamprianidis from 19 wrote on 1. December 2007. at 01:51:
Although I have signed months ago this guestbook, I write again in order to give a link with photos from the competition "Izbor MISS 47" that was realised in Guca at 11 August 2007. shooting this competition is another good reason to be there again next summer.