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agata&robert agata&robert from 18 wrote on 30. July 2009. at 17:44:
hey beki, agata und ich würden gern mitkommen. wie kann ich dich kontakten? ich hoffe nach dem post kann ich dir mailen... gruss: robert
Beki Beki from 18 wrote on 30. July 2009. at 16:04:
Hi, fahr am 06.08. abends aus der Ulmer Ecke nach Guca. Hätte noch 2 Plätze frei... Falls Interesse besteht, einfach ne E-Mail schreiben.
Slavisa Slavisa from 18 wrote on 29. July 2009. at 11:30:
Pozdrav svima bio sam prosle godine prvi put u Guci a idem i ove akobogda imamo ogromnu ekipu iz Teslica,Doboja,Srbaca,B Luke, Sabca ,Berana, Valjeva i Melburna-Kenguri od prosle kodine. Kamp kod skole pridruzite nam se gucaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa 2009 🙂
panos panos from 19 wrote on 25. July 2009. at 19:36:
Hi, i'm from GREECE and i was thinking with my friends to visit guca for the festival! we were thinking of staying at Belgrade at 5,6,7 and then going to Guca for the last two days. But we would like some help.... 1)The bus from Belgrade to Guca is every day or it's for particular days? 2)For camping at the festival place we have to make a reservation or something else or we pay when we arrived at Guca (i heard something about 12euros per night is that true? ) 3)Also, does anybody knows about the train from thessaloniki and back? the tickets, the prices, the hours etc i would be gratefull if you answer me thanks.
Andy Andy from 12 wrote on 22. July 2009. at 18:59:
Hello everybody, we are six friends from Czech republic and want to visit Guca first time. What's the best way to get there from Beograd? And is it possible to find there some place to make a tent without previous reservation? Is it OK to hitchhike in Serbia? Thanks, see you soon! Enjoy!;-) A+P+M+F+N+S
Milena Milena from 72 wrote on 22. July 2009. at 15:33:
Hi everyone! My friends and I (there are 10 of us) are coming to Serbia to visit family and go to Guca Festival! We are so excited, we heard that it is a amazing time! Cheers to all! It's our first time at the festival, crazy fun!
Gosia Gosia from 34 wrote on 21. July 2009. at 17:41:
I forget - my email:
Gosia Gosia from 34 wrote on 21. July 2009. at 17:39:
Hello, I want to go to Guca whit my frend (first time) Do you think that going to hitch-hike from Poland it's good idea? I was traveling many times like this, but never in Balkans. Maybe somebody will go from, or by Poland, and have free places in car? Please write your opinion.
manos papageorgiou manos papageorgiou from 19 wrote on 20. July 2009. at 12:19:
hi to and my friend we will have out third time to guca...we would like to become ''friends'' with some of you and try to find each other at the 7th of august for a big party...bring your instruments also,or what ever.. Για τους ΕΛ που ξεκινάνε τη παρασκευή πρωί μπορούμε να οργανώσουμε καραβάνι για την guca..6942 467785
marion marion from 16 wrote on 19. July 2009. at 13:12:
Hello I'm so exited to go to Guca for the first time ! My friends are travelling in camping car and we would like to know if it's possible to stay near the festival, if there is a camping area, if we had to pay... Thanks a lot ! 😀
Elena Elena from 86 wrote on 17. July 2009. at 18:16:
Hi! Only one more Russian on the Reservation list:-( Привет, земляк! 😉 Ты откуда? Когда приезжаешь?
Georgios Iordanidis Georgios Iordanidis from 19 wrote on 11. July 2009. at 07:47:
Hello everybody. Im going to the Guca festival for the first time and i cant wait! What i would like to know is about how i should get there. Im leaving from Thessaloniki by car, what is the best way to take? Or is it better to go by train? And where should i stay? In hotel/hostel or tent? I would be very thankful to get some answers. See you there!!!
Goran_S Goran_S from 242 wrote on 10. July 2009. at 19:33:
25 km, 5 sati pesacenja do Guce......
Alessandra Alessandra from 23 wrote on 10. July 2009. at 09:42:
I'm very angry and upset. We are 2 people from Italy. We can not come to Guca because the serbia police does not give the visa to my boyfriend (he is african). He has all the documents valid, we have the flights already paid and the hotel booking in Belgrad to visit the city before coming to Guca. The Serbian Ambassy and the Police for foreigners do not give any answer about the fact they have rejected the visa. What shall I think? Alessandra
Venelin Krastev Venelin Krastev from 9 wrote on 6. July 2009. at 17:19:
Hi everybody HERE :)) We are two young people from Bulgaria and we have just decide to visit Guca for fist time. Actually we are looking for good and cheap place to stay from 08.08 till 09.08 - PLEACE HELP US 😕 I'm really very exited about this event but never been before I'll be very grateful if there is good conditions to realise this visit.:-)8-0 Thanks in advance Venelin Krastev
Andrej Andrej from 18 wrote on 6. July 2009. at 15:50:
Zdravo svima, ove godine dolazimo ja brat i nekoliko drugova na festival guce,al´ jos nemamo prebivaliste,ima li nekoga ko nudi nesto za ovo vreme!Vesna,ovde nesto nudila,ako bi u kuci jos bilo nesto slobodno,molim te javi se! Andrej8-0
magda magda from 242 wrote on 1. July 2009. at 23:55:
a kad dolaze brega i marković, mislim bilo bi vreme? jesu ti meksikanci jedini na bini ove godine?
Simona Divisova Simona Divisova from 12 wrote on 1. July 2009. at 15:53:
Hello, I am coming to Guca from Ireland, flying to Bupadest and than taking a train to Belgrade. I tried to book train tickets online in advance but it seems impossible. The website just shows timetables but doesn't allow to buy a ticket. English version of Hungarian rail website shows some great deals but when I click on purchase, it re-directs me to some Hungarian tourism sites. Any idea how to buy a ticket online without hassle? I don't want to buy it in the train station as I'm afraid I might not get a seat reservation. Thanks, Simona
gerd fleischmann-lenz gerd fleischmann-lenz from 18 wrote on 27. June 2009. at 19:52:
Daer friends of trditional and modern music. Modern Name could be Brass - and that`s the Reason I write those short Informations. I don´t konw if I`m able to go to Guca - but I think a lot of People can´t go either to Switzerland or to Germany in the Time of Carneval. So I want to invite you to some Homepages belonging to private making Music People: The first I played by myself for some Years Two Guys in Our Group are from Kroatia (I hope Music will be the Bridge to find togeher). The second Homepage is in Switzerland therein one Woman played for some Years in our Group. So now that´s it. I hope you enjoy listening to the Examples. I wish you a good time and much fun in Guca - and to all Musicgroups there, much luck, happy feelings by presenting their Music. gerd
a.lex a.lex from 18 wrote on 24. June 2009. at 19:47:
hey there, we are coming over from germany to guca and are realy looking forward to it! it will be great. take your tent and camp with us!!! bis dann a.lex