HOTEL accommodation

If you are interested in a standard hotel accommodation Hotel Nordic is the right choice for you.



Hotel is located in the center of Guca and  includes comfortable accommodation.
Hotel has 31 two, three-bed rooms and 3 suites. Rooms and suites provides a feeling of pleasant atmosphere and also provide quality rest in an attractive and comfortable environment. The rooms are equipped with comfortable beds, functional bathrooms, wardrobe, TV, telephones, WI-FI internet line.

Minimum stay is three nights, the price is € 50 per person per night
(Thursday night to Sunday morning or Friday night to Monday morning)
On Your request, we can offer you all arrangements witch includes and days from the beginning 09.08.2017. till the end of Festival 14.08.2017
Reservation is necessary  Book now
For more information write to us or call Dejan Ciric  +381653392303

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Guca 2017

Next Guca festival in 2017, will be from 09 August up to 13 August  , from Wednesday up to Sunday evening.
In these five festival days we expect many good events , trumpet music and competitions,greatest trumpet names.
It will be the 57th in a row festival and details of festival program will be announce soon.

In the year 2017 our offer will be a project  „School of the  Balkan trumpet“  for beginners, advanced musicians and orchestras.

School takes place in the homes of famous trumpet  masters  Bojana Krstic from Vladicin Han
Arrangements will include learning to play the trumpet, accommodation and food
More details will be published soon

You are welcome!

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Offer for today
One room with double bed  for all days

minimum  3 nights reservation
Please contact us immediately and make your reservation

À un prix spécial bas chambres disponibles:
- Chambre double à 10.08 (samedi) et 11/08/2016 (jeudi)..
- Trois lits chambre pour le 11/08/2016 de nuit.
- Chambre Trois lits pour la nuit 13/08/2016 (samedi).
- Hostel chambre de quatre lits pour 08/11/2016.

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In Surdulica , as a center of South Serbia , from 8.07.- up to 10.07.2016
will be held precompetion of brass bands of the South Serbia in
preparation for the upcoming final competition in Guca . Several brass
bands will qualify for the final competition in Guca this year.
Traditionally in this competition participate largest number of brass
more about vlasina summer view hear
We expect as always a good atmosphere and music like you may see on our videos .
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