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DraganDragan de 16 a écrit le 7. février 2007. à 18:21:
Hello everybody Does anybody know the title of the music which is on the first page of ? Thanks a lot for your answers.;-) Bye
marija i gustavomarija i gustavo de 42 a écrit le 7. février 2007. à 18:15:
DanijelDanijel de 32 a écrit le 30. janvier 2007. à 10:18:
jeli ljudi, da li neko zna kad ce guca ova godina? neko mi je rekao da je tek u septembru ?!
edvardedvard de 32 a écrit le 28. janvier 2007. à 19:45:
Hello :-), I like this type of music very much. I'll do my best to come this year for the first time.
LJubaLJuba de 72 a écrit le 28. janvier 2007. à 18:39:
Jel ima neko neki predlog za spavanje?? Ako neko zna neko mesto gde se moze prenociti,hotel,sobu ...neka ostavi kontakt ili link. hval uanpred:-D
Tracey HarrisTracey Harris de 184 a écrit le 27. janvier 2007. à 03:36:
Hey... I think this is the most amazing event oin earth. As an australian female trumpet player I just have to go this year!!!:-D
spricerspricer de 42 a écrit le 26. janvier 2007. à 19:52:
Aki -The Duke-Aki -The Duke- de 28 a écrit le 25. janvier 2007. à 00:04:
The festival in Guca is the most awsome event on the Balkan.I liked it very much and I will visit it next year too.:-):-):-):-) Greetings from Strumica
Vlak u snijeguVlak u snijegu de 18 a écrit le 2. décembre 2006. à 23:32:
Nisam bio u Gucu, ali volim trubu. Pozdrav svima iz Nemacku
Hans, Heinz & BlausHans, Heinz & Blaus de 5 a écrit le 14. novembre 2006. à 10:22:
The festival was really great. So it took some time to became a clear head again since we still heard playing brass bands after weeks although the fesival already finished. Great hospitality, great bands, best rakija. See you next year!
PavelPavel de 86 a écrit le 14. novembre 2006. à 06:19:
and finaly, who won? =) who is best orchestra? who is best trumpet? +)
ruth dimitrijevicruth dimitrijevic de 184 a écrit le 6. novembre 2006. à 23:25:
2006 was my first visit to Guca but you can bet it will not be my last, my husband is a serb but our friends who accompanied us and myself are all aussies who previously had no interest in this type of music or speak the language' all had a ball!!!!! We were not happy when they changed the date so late as we had already booked & paid for air tickets from Australia, so it cost us a lot of money to change dates, anyway we had such a good time all is forgiven. We danced on tables & in the streets, Yes the serbs sure know how to have fun!!!:-):-):-):-):-)3
JurijJurij de 5 a écrit le 1. novembre 2006. à 13:31:
Zdravo ljudi! Moze li neko da mi kaze ko je ove godine pobedio. Koji orkestar. Sve najbolje svima. Ciao
wulfwulf de 18 a écrit le 30. octobre 2006. à 07:35:
hallo!on what date will be the guca-festival in 2007?
BokiBoki de 72 a écrit le 29. octobre 2006. à 01:13:
i guess its is Jooyoung they inform on these pages about changes...
MonikaMonika de 38 a écrit le 25. octobre 2006. à 08:44:
..this year it was my first time in Guca. It was very very fantastic festival. Our music, persons and..all. The next xear I will here again. Ziveli Guca and Serbija. I send the sweet kiss from Slovakia - from Banska Stiavnica 8-0
kockakocka de 11 a écrit le 17. octobre 2006. à 20:22:
Svaka cast organizaciji i mjestu Guca na predivnoj muzici koja se slusa sirom europe!:-)
JooyoungJooyoung de 107 a écrit le 11. octobre 2006. à 01:34:
Some days ago, I read about the festival in Guca. It's so attractive to me. And I feel that I must go to Guca in next summer:-) The date written in the main page is correct?
Borisa PavlovicBorisa Pavlovic de 54 a écrit le 28. septembre 2006. à 02:44:
Sve sam ostavio u otadzbini, i sve sam prezalio, ali zvuk trube na uvo i miris kafane ne mogu da prezalim. Nista ne kaze SRBIJA glasnije nego Guca!
NikolaNikola de 184 a écrit le 19. septembre 2006. à 17:44:
svaka vam cast super svirate moja baba je bas bila na vas concert u srbiju...el moze neko od vas da mi kaze gde mogu vasu muziku da downlodujem ona na vasu stranu nece da radi na moj komputer:-D I8-0GUCA