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cristian cristian de 23 a écrit le 10. novembre 2007. à 22:48:
ciao cari, quest'estate io,morrison,ombolo,tanja e simon siamo andati a guca da lubiana dopo una visita ai monasteri serbi ..veramente incantevoli e dopo aver assistito alle nozze serbe siamo approdati al mitica battaglia delle trombe serbe di guca--- erano anni che aspettavo di poter asistere al piu' grande evento al mondo di brass band ...pivo e rakija scorrevano a fiumi....fantastico ..... spero il prossimo anno.... baby in arrivo permettendo..... di poter tornare dagli amici serbi... del viaggio ho creato una piccola presentazione su youtube ( carnia balkan )ciao a tutti a guca 2008 rakija connectig pepole
irina irina de 72 a écrit le 10. novembre 2007. à 21:51:
hello Guca, it was a wonderful experience to have visited Guca in 2007. thinking of you all and may God keep you safe Irina
dino dino de 23 a écrit le 1. novembre 2007. à 10:40:
Gentile Signori, la mia fidanzata ed io abbiamo deciso di sposarci il prossimo febbraio 2008. Noi viviamo a Valenza, regione Piemonte, Italia. Vorremmo organizzare per il nostro matrimonio un'esaltante festa per i nostri amici e pensiamo che il modo migliore di farlo sia invitare una Balkan Brass Band. Forse potete consigliarci una band che sarà in concerto in Italia in quel periodo, oppure una band che sia già residente in Italia. Vi ringrazio in anticipo per il vostro cortese aiuto e vi chiedo scusa per il disturbo.
Dino Dino de 23 a écrit le 1. novembre 2007. à 10:38:
Dear Sirs, My girlfriend and me are going to be maried on the next February 2008. We are from Valenza, Piedmont region, Italy. We would like to organize for our wedding an exhiting party for our friends and we think that the best way to do it, is inviting a Balkan Brass Band. Maybe you can suggest us a band that is going to play concerts in Italy in this period, or maybe you can suggest us a band that lives in Italy. I thank you in advance for your kind help, and I apologize for having disturbed you.
gloria gloria de 242 a écrit le 12. octobre 2007. à 12:24:
Hej Vuk feiern wir nächstes Jahr wieder.. du und ich... wir alle?hoffentlich habe ichdieses mal keine probleme mit meinem knielg gloria
Bill Roosa Bill Roosa de 72 a écrit le 12. octobre 2007. à 12:07:
What a most wonderful festival, and the mere fact that the trumpet is the star of this featival,and the players are to be congratulated for the inspiration to us trumpet players the world over. I am a trumpet player and have been since I was 10 years old. I was a teacher and also a professional player. When I was young I was a member of the U.S.Marine Band I played with many diverse groups,from symphony orchestras, bands of every ethnicity,well i never played in a chinese funeral band. I was a high school band director for 20 years.Music has been an essential part of my life. Added to that is the GUCA festival,Bravo to all of the fabulous trumpet players in GUCA
Alexander Wendel Alexander Wendel de 32 a écrit le 8. octobre 2007. à 20:50:
Does anyone know when the festival will be held next year (2008)? I have to plan my holiday in advance, that's why I want to know ...Cheers i ziveli, Alexander.
Riana Riana de 242 a écrit le 8. octobre 2007. à 09:39:
Hi, I'm coming next year for sure,i have to,this year I have had such a good time,four days parting,dancing,drinking and...:-) I met a lot of people from everywhere,I would love to see them again and to meet a lot of new people next year...counting days:-)See you next year!!! Ziveli!!!
Sasha Sasha de 72 a écrit le 7. octobre 2007. à 07:41:
I can't cait to go to the Guca fest in the summer of 2008. I have never went there before...It will be funny if i go there and see people I know from the US. I hope to go there and meet a lot of people
Pavel Pavel de 86 a écrit le 3. octobre 2007. à 20:01:
I hope see more friends in next year! volim te Srbija!Mother Russia with you!
Christos Lamprianidis Christos Lamprianidis de 19 a écrit le 25. septembre 2007. à 11:26:
Really great great Festival. Still trumpets sounds in my ears.So I am still exclusively listen cds brought from Guca and of course the mp3s downloaded from this site. Great hospitality too. I am an amateur photographer and I have about 2000 photos from Guca. Some of these you can find here : or here udpated twice a week. See you next year!
katha katha de 18 a écrit le 16. septembre 2007. à 17:40:
I was is Guca this year! It was quite great! I will make a trip to Guca next year again!!! Boban Markovic was my personal highlight! Guca, we´ll see us again next year!! 8-0 I love Guca! Lots of Love!!!! Katha
Goran Goran de 18 a écrit le 14. septembre 2007. à 22:16:
Guco,najbolja si,ko ne ode u gucu Taj ce umreti i nece znati sta je SRPSKI FESTIVAL...Puno pozdrava mojim Svilajncanima i Crkvencanima od Gorana iz Schorndorfa....Sve Naj...
Apró Juhász László Apró Juhász László de 20 a écrit le 13. septembre 2007. à 14:02:
Hy! how much is it price of admission?when to come next year party?ps: I am sorry, i am little speak english.#-)
Beb in the name of Peña 38 Tonnes Beb in the name of Peña 38 Tonnes de 16 a écrit le 5. septembre 2007. à 13:08:
Hello. I'm Beb, trumpet player in the Peña 38 Tonnes, from France. We're very proud to see videos ( ) of our band on Guca website. Thank you very much. Guca was really awesome this year. We will do our best to come back next year. Beb.
Katarina Katarina de 5 a écrit le 31. août 2007. à 20:17:
Hello! I want to know, how the name of this men is, who sang with Goran Bregovic.Can anybody help me?
Ben Ben de 18 a écrit le 29. août 2007. à 23:24:
What is the song called that starts on the mainpage?Thanks : )
What Cheer? Brigade What Cheer? Brigade de 72 a écrit le 27. août 2007. à 15:34:
I am Steve from the What Cheer? Brigade. We were the only American band at Guca this year and we had an amazing time!If you have any pictures or videos of us, please send them to us so we can remember Guca forever... Or ata least until next year when we try to return.Steve- Tuba player in The What Cheer? Brigade
maulny maulny de 16 a écrit le 27. août 2007. à 07:28:
😀 guca was so crazy!!! full of party, emotion, people!... i will come back!! i 'm searching for anne a french girl who lives between paris and rouen!! somebody steals my wallet so i've lost your number and email adress!!! glouglou.
Jarno Jarno de 32 a écrit le 23. août 2007. à 12:52:
i had a great time in guca! 😀 i will be back next year, and stay there the whole time! 😎 greetings from holland!