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romainromain de 16 a écrit le 8. juillet 2008. à 11:36:
Hello all, we are too young french guys (26 & 27), we wish to join Guca for the festival. We aim to reach this city by car, that's why i'm writing this note. If anybody want to join us, don't hesitate. Let me know. For now, we just have a two passengers car but we are looking for a larger one. Have a nice day
MihaelMihael de 18 a écrit le 2. juillet 2008. à 18:49:
😕 Hilfee !!!ich würde sooo gerne nach Guca fahren jedoch brauche ich noch Begleitung. Würde gerne mit anderen Studis zum Festival. Gibt es eine Gruppe oder jemanden der auch gerne nach Guca fahren Möchte? Ich würde von Nürnberg aus Reisen. Am liebsten mit Bus oder Auto und dort gerne zelten. Jedoch würde ich nicht zurückfahren sondern in Serbien bleiben.Außerdem ist es von Vorteil das ich die Landessprache spreche, falls jemand einen dolmedscher braucht.Hoffe es meldet sich schnell jemand.
AllaAlla de 86 a écrit le 2. juillet 2008. à 07:04:
Hi everybody! We are a married couple from Russia (47 and 50 yeas old).We were at Sabor Trubaca in 2007 and would like to come again this year with our friends. Last year we put up a tent in a camp, but this year would like to rent 2 rooms (for us and our friends). If possible, we need 2 rooms with two beds (or double bed)and bathrooms (2 dvokrevetne sobe sa kupateloma). We would be very grateful if someone could help us with the reservation/Please, contact us by mail,, bbnold2000@yahoo.comAlla and Boris from Russia
Annemarie SartoAnnemarie Sarto de 5 a écrit le 2. juillet 2008. à 06:41:
Hi! Ich bin die Mecki und werde am 6.August meinen Ehemann (Chris) in Guca treffen! Freue mich schon auf seinen Joystick!!!Gruß aus Österreich!Annemarie!
Christian SartoChristian Sarto de 5 a écrit le 2. juillet 2008. à 06:12:
Hallo Leute!Bin 47 Jahre alt, und möchte am 6.august nach Guca zum Konzert. Hat jemand noch einen Platz im Auto frei oder würde jemand mit mir dorthin trampen?Bitte um Antwort!mfg. Chris!
ALEKSALEKS de 184 a écrit le 1. juillet 2008. à 11:59:
ReneRene de 18 a écrit le 25. juin 2008. à 08:54:
Hallo zusammen,Focus TV plant die Produktion einer Reportage in Guca 2008. Dafür suchen wir noch Menschen aus Deutschland, die zu diesem Festival fahren und sich mit der Kamera begleiten lassen würden.BITTE MELDEN BEI:Rene Schulthoff, Focus TV. 089-9250 4163,
AleksandraAleksandra de 184 a écrit le 23. juin 2008. à 02:44:
6 nedelja narode jooooooooojjjjjjjjj iiiiiiihdaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!Vuce , Gane kako ce da se nadjemo u GUci??Moracu da VAs vvijam okolo!!!!!Vidimo se narode, da igramo na stolu, pod stolom, na stolicama, pod stolicama!!!!!!!!!!JOOOOJ BRE CEZNEM ZA SVIM SRPSKIM LUDILO!!!!:-):-D#-):-B:-B:-B8-0
AttilioAttilio de 23 a écrit le 22. juin 2008. à 17:38:
salve!dovo aver scaricato da internet tutto quello che è disponibile su Guca e le sue trombe mi sono appassionato...fortunatamente quest'ano siamo in ferie a Brodarica (HR)a "due passi"!!!( passerò per knin...e via... io sarei per il bivacco,ma tengo famiglia..:-)..Grazie agli amici Serbi che ci sono qui in italia ogni tanto ci facciamo un "remember guca"anche se la pivo non è "zlato"..fa lo stesso.peccato che quest'anno Bregovic non c'è lo vedo il 31 luglio qui!spero che anche boban marcovic ritorni a mantova...bok vidimose:-)
Martin AhlmanMartin Ahlman de 41 a écrit le 20. juin 2008. à 02:10:
It was my first time in Guca in 2007 and it was like living in a dream. I lived that dream without complaints, and I missed Guca and the music as soon as I was on my way home to Sweden. I wish I could come back and visit you again, and dance, sing and drink together with you again. Thank you so much for letting me come there. I love you all.
JosJos de 41 a écrit le 19. juin 2008. à 22:10:
Hello hello. I was also wondering if there was any campsite around the neighbourhood of guca you know. Anybody feels like start a camp toghether???/jos
TommasoTommaso de 23 a écrit le 18. juin 2008. à 10:58:
Hi everybody! I'm an Italian boy who want (with 7 friends) to come in Guca for a few days during the festival this summer. The point is: we don't know where to sleep! We'll stay in tent, if possible, and we want the cheapest price we can find (a farm? a field? we don't need any breakfast-lunch-dinner). We'll stay in Guca for 3-4 days (we don't already know exactly). Free camping is forbidden, or we can do it? Another question, if we don't have passport, we can pass the frontier - maybe with some money? Thank you all for all the replies! 🙂 ---------------------------------------- Ciao a tutti! Sono un ragazzo italiano che vorrebbe venire a Guca per qualche giorno durante il festival. Il punto è che non sappiamo dove dormire! Avremo delle tende, e vorremo il minor prezzo che riusciremo a trovare (da un contadino, in un prato, non necessitiamo di colazione, pranzo e cena). Rimarremo a Guca per 3-4 giorni. Il campeggio libero è illegale o potremo farlo? Un'altra domanda: se non abbiamo i passaporti, possiamo comunque passare la frontiera - magari pagando qualcosa? Grazie per tutte le risposte! 🙂
DraganDragan de 242 a écrit le 16. juin 2008. à 08:41:
Zna li neko gde moze da se rezervise mesto u kamp naselju i kolika ce cena biti ove godine za jedno kamp mesto? Hvala!
AnnaAnna de 12 a écrit le 12. juin 2008. à 12:47:
Hi everybody! I would like to come to Guca this summer and I would like to ask if there is another possibillity of accomodation that is offer on main page (but maybe I was searching on a bad place..). Something like camp site? Thanks for answer 🙂
AndreaAndrea de 23 a écrit le 11. juin 2008. à 21:27:
I was in Guca in 2002 and it was my best experience around est Europe ... it was great also if i'm not a musician ... i've never seen somenthing like this around the world. Maybe in the future i'll be back again with my son to show him how est people is great. Good lunck for this year edition. Andrea
LukasLukas de 18 a écrit le 31. mai 2008. à 20:24:
Hi All, I would like to come to Guca this year. I ve heard, this is the best festival of this fantastic music around the world. Does anybody know something about any accomodation for 2 or 3 days?See you there Lukas
RICCIORICCIO de 23 a écrit le 30. mai 2008. à 10:49:
ciao a tutti qualcuno sa qualè il metodo + economico per arrivare in macchina dall'italia partendo da roma? grazie ciao
AleksandraAleksandra de 184 a écrit le 29. mai 2008. à 02:21:
Jos dva meseca#-)#-)#-)..Svaki dan je kao godina....:-/:-(..narode vidimo se u Guci da se dobro antisokiramo pivom!!!
AleksandraAleksandra de 184 a écrit le 15. mai 2008. à 02:42:
#-)#-)#-)#-)#-) Niko nema sto Srbin imade! DZABA SAM JA CEO SVET DALEKO OD SRBIJE, ne znaju ovi ovde sta je Srbija, trube, slanina, sunka, svadbarski kupus, razanj, sarma....JOOOOOOOJ
AleksandraAleksandra de 184 a écrit le 14. mai 2008. à 02:41: