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Nadine Nadine de 18 a écrit le 24. mars 2009. à 11:55:
Thanks for all your information. We're really looking forward!!!See you there.
Nadine Nadine de 18 a écrit le 23. mars 2009. à 12:21:
Hey!!! Need information!! Please! Some of my friends and me would like to join the guca festival this year. What about the entrance? Do we have to pay for that and how much is it? And is it possible to go camping there, because the homepage says nothing about it. See you
Sabina Sabina de 40 a écrit le 20. mars 2009. à 18:29:
Heeeyy!!! Anyone can advise what is the best place for accomodation in Guca - desent?! by the way any enterance for the festival...sorry our first time. Thanks
Giusi Giusi de 72 a écrit le 19. mars 2009. à 19:26:
You guys are so great! Any chance for us to see you in the U.S.?
toni besselink toni besselink de 32 a écrit le 16. mars 2009. à 20:08:
i like this guca musik and i will be there this year and i want to hear this lovely song:tiho noci,where can i find this song
Györgyi Györgyi de 20 a écrit le 13. mars 2009. à 20:18:
Hello, does anyone know if Goran Bregovic and his band perform here in 2009? thanx
Catarina Catarina de 35 a écrit le 10. mars 2009. à 22:35:
Hi! I'm from Portugal and will go 4 the first time to servia and to Guca and cant really wait for it! Will stay for 2 weeks in Servia! What can you advise me to know more in Servia?
milorad milorad de 18 a écrit le 8. mars 2009. à 23:17:
:-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-) 8-08-08-08-08-08-08-08-08-08-08-08-08-08-0
milorad milorad de 18 a écrit le 8. mars 2009. à 23:15:
guca je najbolja bio sam 2 puta i ovegodinecu sigurno narode morate da idete da to dozivite
Bojan Bojan de 242 a écrit le 8. mars 2009. à 13:01:
Bio sam prošle godine prvi put. Sad odbrojavam dane do avgusta, jer idem 99%. Ko nije bio ne zna šta propušta. Na tv-u izgleda veselo, ali oni prikažu par sekundi a tako je skoro čitav dan. A kad padne veče-ludnica. Jako veselo, i kulturno što me je iznenadilo pomalo. Jedva čekam! Pozdrav iz Novog Sada!
ruby reimann ruby reimann de 18 a écrit le 2. février 2009. à 14:51:
Hi! I'm Ruby from Berlin and I want to go to Guca this year - I am sure it will be a great experience! As I am finishing school this year, I would like to come for about one month because I am really curious to see how the village gets prepared for the festival and also how people take on their everyday life after the five-day-trumpet-party! My question is whether you know a hotel, hostel or any place I could stay for that one month. Maybe I could even work there, help do anything without getting paid - only with a place to sleep. I speak German, English, Italian and a little French. Soon maybe a little bit of Serbian:) I would be very glad to get any kind of information. Thank you, Ruby
Licia Licia de 23 a écrit le 28. janvier 2009. à 20:21:
Izvinite,da li neko zna da li ce ove godine Goran Bregovic doci u Gucu kao gost?ako da,kada ? Hvala vam puno Licia iz Milana!
martini martini de 18 a écrit le 19. janvier 2009. à 23:35:
hello everybody, i will go to guca this year for the first time :-). does anybody of you know if there is a camping site or the possibility to camp anywhere?
olga olga de 72 a écrit le 18. janvier 2009. à 23:46:
I can't wait for Guca '09, woooooo!
Antonina Antonina de 86 a écrit le 16. janvier 2009. à 16:01:
Privet! We are going to come this year too 🙂 With our little child #-)
Laura Laura de 34 a écrit le 15. janvier 2009. à 10:16:
Love you all :**
Mark Fitzgerald Mark Fitzgerald de 184 a écrit le 13. janvier 2009. à 18:45:
We are very honoured to be coming to visit Guča for the festival. We are travelling from Australia to enjoy your hospitality, & would like to hear from other Australian's to share some unique experiences, costs & travel. Please do not hesitate to contact me via email on for additional information & opportunities. Mark
Aleksandra Aleksandra de 41 a écrit le 12. janvier 2009. à 22:59:
Cao!! Interesuje me ako neko zna ili moze da mi da informaciju za hotel u Gucu. I koj je datum ove godine da mozemo da planiramo nas odmor 😀 Vjerujte da jedva cekamo, bice super! Pozdravljam vas! I bila bi zahvaljna na odgovor!!
Radovanovic, Peter Radovanovic, Peter de 18 a écrit le 26. décembre 2008. à 21:16:
Hallo zusammen, ich habe schon viel gelesen und gehört vom Festival in Guca. Im Sommer 2009 werde ich mit meinen Brüdern und meinem Sohn nach Guca kommen, um persönlich dieses Fest zu erleben. Unser Vater stammt aus Serbien und er wäre glücklich, wenn er das noch erlebt hätte, wie seine Söhne und sein Enkel gemeinsam in seiner Heimat feiern. Mit freundlichem Gruß Peter Radovanovic
miki miki de 16 a écrit le 20. décembre 2008. à 09:37:
Jos oko 280 dana...Encore environ 280 jours .... i evo nous voilà...:-B