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Krystallia Krystallia de 19 a écrit le 24. juin 2009. à 08:42:
Hallo again from Greece,, i don't know if it's late but am traveling alone and i want to ask about information where to stay ,, and if it's only camping left,, if there is any kind of facilites,, and anybody else traveling from Greece??? milo biće!8-0
Xava Xava de 16 a écrit le 23. juin 2009. à 17:37:
Hi there, we're two french people coming over for the first time at Guca ! Could you give us any accomodation information please ? The cheapest you can find? (Camping would be great ! ) See you there !
Ivana Ivana de 41 a écrit le 22. juin 2009. à 13:37:
Gdje si VUCE???? Jel se pripremate?! =)Nadam se da si dobro!!! Veeeeliki Pozdrav!!! 😀
Sieja Sieja de 34 a écrit le 18. juin 2009. à 19:59:
Hi there! Probably somewhere here or at the main web site is answer for my question but I can't find it... So... My question: Is Guca for free? If not, how much is it? Thanks in advance for reply:) See u at Guca!!!
Sabina Sabina de 40 a écrit le 18. juin 2009. à 19:54:
Hi there!! We're 4 people comming from Spain to Guca for the first time. We arrive on 7th. Anyone has contact where accomodation in private room would be possible. Thanks!
daNI daNI de 18 a écrit le 17. juin 2009. à 12:30:
high, i´m coming from germany, is there anyone who can give me a lift or something else? I´ll start at 5. or 6. hope finding someone... cu
Alessandra Alessandra de 23 a écrit le 10. juin 2009. à 20:51:
Ciao Amici. We are coming from Italy. Looking forward to visit Belgrade and stay at Guca. We arrive the 7th, do you have any hostal or hotel in the country to suggest close to Guca (20-30 km)? Grazie, ale
Yunus und Mirel Yunus und Mirel de 42 a écrit le 28. mai 2009. à 11:08:
Wir kommen..Guca warte auf uns! Party Party Partizani 😀
stefan stefan de 19 a écrit le 15. mai 2009. à 13:16:
hello, i am interested in comining in the festival this year, and i am planing to organize a trip over there with hopefuly a lot of friends. i would like to know if there is camping possibility over there?
Bilja Bilja de 54 a écrit le 12. mai 2009. à 00:09:
Heyy!!! My name is Bilja and im from canada and planning on coming to guca with my cousins from bosna! Does anyone know of a good place to stay for cheap? cuz on the Guca website seems to be pricey!! Anndddd if there is any party peeps!! 🙂 Hvala..Biljana
Nadine Nadine de 18 a écrit le 3. mai 2009. à 09:02:
Hello again! It worked!!! Me and my two friends have our flight to belgrad:-D But we arrive the 5 th of august at 2.40 p.m. we can not reach the bus at 3 p.m. Is there a posibility to join somebody on the way from belgrad to guca??? Share a car and the costs??? That would be great!
Vuk Vuk de 242 a écrit le 29. avril 2009. à 18:56:
And,now it's official...Entrance on festival this year is FREE! Parking place cost ~ 10 Eur for five days of festival. Like guests on midnight concert will appear trumpet orchestra from Mexico in two hours concert!Latin American fiesta in one hot serbian night
ana ana de 36 a écrit le 28. avril 2009. à 07:16:
zdravo i am from romania, i have been in srbija once in uzice but this year would be my first time in guca and i am all alone, looking for traveling and partying partners! and for a gide that knows a little about tito and jugo. and for some one that knows a lot about sljivovica!! 😀 caos ana
trubac83 trubac83 de 39 a écrit le 23. avril 2009. à 16:36:
Evo ja sam bio u Guci 7 puta i ne mislim da prestajem da dolazim dokle sam ziv!Ali moram da kazem da svake godine se stvari menjaju u Guci!Previse je postalo komerciolizovano!Ali nadam se da ce da bude bolje jednog dana!Zivi bili i u Guci se videli!;-)
Krystallia Giantsevic Krystallia Giantsevic de 19 a écrit le 22. avril 2009. à 11:30:
hiya there!! i am from Greece and am searching for fellow travelers to the festival,, excited!!
carolina carolina de 73 a écrit le 18. avril 2009. à 15:06:
Sorry, one more question, the transport deal for 35euros BELGRADE - GUCA - BELGRADE ,it´s for the 5 days right? or is it for one day of the festival? Can use that on the first day and use my return ticket on the last day of the festival? Thanks!
carolina carolina de 73 a écrit le 11. avril 2009. à 16:23:
Hi, I´m from Argentina an I absolutely love this kind of music,I´ll be in Spain in june and hope to join you guys at the festival,i´m already going mad with boban markovic´s videos.I would like to know about the price of the entrance since the link somebody provide before is not working, and please if somebody could advide me as how to go from spain to guca or belgrade so i can join the buses that the webpage offers. If you could answer to my email tht would be great, it´s: Chau! 😀
Turpeinen Turpeinen de 15 a écrit le 5. avril 2009. à 17:54:
:-} This must be a great festival. I have to start organize travel. Same in finnish. Täältä tullaan Guca
MarinCe MarinCe de 5 a écrit le 28. mars 2009. à 23:35:
Hello, I am from Vienna (Austria), and I would like to join guca this year for the first time. So I am interested in offers for the travel....does somebody know what`s the best way to reach guca and where to sleep....(I can also speak in serbisch, if somebody wants to answer)...Thanks
maja maja de 242 a écrit le 26. mars 2009. à 02:47:
hocu u Gucuuuuuu!