Program of the GUCA festival 2019

  published 27.march 2019


(GUČA, 08-11 AUGUST 2019)


THURSDAY, 08/08/2019

11:00    Opening of the festival- at the Monument to a Trumpet player
11:30    Press Conference-
12:00    Opening of art exhibitions of self-taught painters from Dragacevo, Kovacica, Uzdin, Oparic and Jagodina
12:30    Opening of the Festivals book fair
13:00    Opening of the festivals tourism fair
13:30    Presentation  – Dragacevo in books and publications
14:00    Opening of the exhibition of economy

              Stage in front of the Center for Culture
16:00    Concert: trumpet orchestras, cultural artistic  and  singing groups
17:00    Competition of pioneer and youth trumpet orchestras
19.30    Concert  of  cultural and artistic groups
20:00    Proclamation of the winners of the pioneer and youth trumpet orchestras
21:00    Concert: winners of the Trumpet precompetititon centers in 2019.

  FRIDAY , 09/08/2019

07:00   Wakening call of the trumpeters – streets of Guca
13:30   Press Conference-
13:00   The all-around people’s tournament in traditional sport disciplines –  stadium
17:00   Festival parade-streets of Guca

             Stage in front of the Center of Culture
15:00   The competition of Zdravicari (those who propose toasts)
16:00   Cultural -artistic program: trumpet orchestra. folklore and singing group
16.00   Competition  for the most beautiful national costumes
18:00   Cultural-artistic program: trumpet orchestra, cultural artistic  and singing group

             Main stage-on stadium
19:00   Concert of winners 58nd Guca Festival: Stefan Mladenovic,Marko Gligorijević ,Ivan Đenadić and Marko Trnavac
21:00   Concert: Boban Markovic with guests
23:00   Midnight concert –all the trumpets of Dragacevo

  SATURDAY, 10/08/2019

07:00    Wakening call of the trumpeters – streets of Guca
11:30    Press Conference-
13:00    Festival parade and improvisation of traditional Dragacevo wedding-
             streets of Guca

             Stage in front of the Center of Culture
15:00    Cultural and artistic program Stage ot the Center for culture
17:00     Concert: World in Guca  – Foreign Trumpet Orchestra – ElefanfU France, HarMalek Orchestra                          Czech, Opa!Bato Blakan Brass Australia, Farra Fanfarra Portugal, Pivo in čevapi Slovenia

             Main stage-stadium
20:00    Final competition of senior brass orchestras-stadium
23:30    Proclamation of the winners of the competition of senior orchestras
24:00    Concert : Dejan Petrovic Big Band

  SUNDAY 11/08/2019

             Main stage –stadium
19:00   Concert: the winners of the 59th trumpet festival  in Guca
20:00   Concert : Dejan Lazarevic
21:00   Concert: Saša Matić
22:30   Concert: Dragana Mirkovic

-For all concerts admission is free!  

„See you by the next Festival“