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  The Šargan Eight

1921 - 1974

Spend your afternoon in a beautifull mountine ambient, driving in a 90 years old restaurated train with wood seats. The Sargan Eight is a narrow gauge tourist railway in Serbia, running from the village of Mokra Gora to Sargan Vitasi station. It is located in gorgeous scenery of Mokra Gora between three Serbian mountains - Tara, Zlatibor and Sargan - is one of the most beautiful railways in the world.

Sargan Eight is the one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Serbia. The railway is well known due to its specific shape of number eight. With this unusual shape, the 300 mettre altitude is bridged by only 3.5 kilometres longitude. The "eight" section includes approximately 20 tunnels and ten bridges that form a third of the total length of the railway, which makes it unique. The train is climbing up to 1544m altitude, and the total lenght of the railway is 15 km. This railway was restaurated for the purpose of making the movie "Life is a miracle" (2004) directed by famous Serbian film director Emir Kusturica.

Visit famous hotel "Mećavnik" witch is builded like ethno-village in Mokra Gora. It was built up on Mecavnik hill by the film director Emir Kusturica. It represents charming micro town with all nesesary contents (library, church, gallery, cinema, etc.). All objects are made of natural materials (wood, clay) thus coexisting in harmony with mountainous landscape. You can enjoy in pleasant natural ambient, domestic food and drinks, Serbian films and different art exibitions.

Tour program:

Departure from Guca. We drive to Mokra Gora where we board the train for a ride along the most exciting section of this narrow gauge line. During the ride, the train makes a few stops where you can enjoy the views, or have a break in the cafe of a small and old-fashioned "railway station". Then, we will visit hotel "Mećavnik"- Wooden town where we will have a lunch. Return to Guca.

Duration time about 9h.

Price: €45
Include: train ticket, entrance in hotel and lunch in hotel.

Reservation: booking E-Mail
or call GSM-SMS +381 60 33-92-303

More information and links
See location on google earth (click)
from U Tube: video 1, video 2.
official site Mecavnik www.mecavnik.info
Movie: Life is a miracle (imdb)


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