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547 Einträge
Hezy Schnitzler Hezy Schnitzler aus 102 schrieb am 29. Juli 2013. um 11:33:
Dejan Regards from Hezy
tony tony aus 54 schrieb am 28. Juli 2013. um 22:18:
Are you planning to sell t-shirts and posters of Guca through your site? There are a few sites that sell them but Id like the money to go tothe festival that brings so much joy, not others...
Agata Agata aus 34 schrieb am 24. Juli 2013. um 10:45:
Is somebody going from Poland/Czech Republic/ Slowakia/ Hungary ? I am in a big need for 2 sits in the car/bus or whatever...:)
Giacomo Rossi Giacomo Rossi aus 23 schrieb am 20. Juli 2013. um 08:53:
C'è qualcuno che va dall'Italia? Se si, contattatemi anche in FB. Tibi pax! Giacomo Rossi!
Jana Jana aus 12 schrieb am 8. Juli 2013. um 07:29:
Hallo, is someone going by car and have 2 free places? I live in Brno (Czech Republic), but I can go to Slovakia or Hungary (Budapest by train) and than with somebody...Please write me on mail.
Jana Jana aus 12 schrieb am 8. Juli 2013. um 07:27:
Hallo, I would like to ask, when Emir with No smoking orchestra will perform. There is written, that on 8.8., but in program I cannot see it... ?????
Zsolt Bőczén Zsolt Bőczén aus 20 schrieb am 5. Juli 2013. um 07:36:
Naravno cemo ici. Tri prijatelja iz Madarske! Vidimo se tamo!
Dimitri Dimitri aus 86 schrieb am 20. Juni 2013. um 11:24:
Ребята, кто едет на фестиваль?
Stawko Stawko aus 34 schrieb am 15. Juni 2013. um 15:59:
Hej! Wybiera sie ktos z Polski na festiwal? Planuje wyjazd, po raz pierwszy zreszta wiec fajnie by bylo zaczerpnac troche jezyka co i jak. Moze ktos tu zagladnie i uprzejmie cos odpisze:-) Pozdrawiam serdecznie!
Markéta Markéta aus 12 schrieb am 8. Juni 2013. um 12:41:
Ahoj máme stejný dotaz, zda někdo nejede z ČR autem? Jsme 2. Když tak dejte vědět na mail makisebest@seznam.cz
Jana Jana aus 12 schrieb am 29. Mai 2013. um 13:04:
Ahoj všem. Nechystá se letos někdo do Guči autem z České Republiky? Jsme dvě pohodové holky, které se tam letos kromě vlaku nemají moc jak dostat a už jsme tam párkrát byly (já bych jela popáté, kamarádka asi potřetí). Rády bychom i viděly něco jiného - napadlo nás např. Sarajevo, nebo cokoliv někde v přírodě (park Tara, něco nějaké kláštery), abychom nebyly celou dobu jen v Guče. Prosím kdyžtak se ozvěte na mail. Jana
Branko Stokholm Branko Stokholm aus 41 schrieb am 18. März 2013. um 09:29:
Svaka vam cast, festival je ekstra! Pozdrav iz Stokholma 🙂
Max Max aus 18 schrieb am 9. Dezember 2012. um 15:05:
Guca = Without a doubt world´s greatest festival!!! Could somebody tell me which song is used on the entrance of the guca.rs webpage? Thanks in advance! Peace!
Johannes Johannes aus 18 schrieb am 2. Oktober 2012. um 17:49:
Super Party, super Organisation > puno hvala > Sabina, Jelena u Johannes Radeljic
Robert Milczarek Robert Milczarek aus 34 schrieb am 17. August 2012. um 07:42:
HELOOOOOO. GUĆA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:-)
Rajko Rajko aus 242 schrieb am 8. August 2012. um 05:53:
Hi we are driving from Belgrade thursday to Guca. Can we sleep in the car ? Where can we park for one night.? How much time do we need to calculate to find a parking space and how far is it from the Festival.? Thanks.
Bettina Bettina aus 18 schrieb am 6. August 2012. um 10:48:
Hi, I just found out that the Guca festival has already started and I don't want to miss it 😀 I'm in Ljubljana right now and would like to go there tomorrow or on Wednesday. Is anybody going from Slovenia or Northern Croatia going down there and has one space left? Hope to hear from you! email: bettinav@gmx.li or text me +386 03 268900. LP, Bettina
Shunka Shunka aus 242 schrieb am 5. August 2012. um 19:39:
Hronologija jednog ludila ...U ime svih vas koji ste živeli, umirali i svakog jutra ponovo vaskrsavali uz tri loše složena tona ciganske trube, u ime svih vas koji ste se trovali i lečili iz jedne iste flaše, u ime svih vaših besomučnih pokušaja da se sa vlastitim nogama dogovorite o pravim koracima „Užičkog“ i neartikulisanim pokretima pričate engleski... U ime svih vas ispričaću ovu priču!...
danijel danijel aus 242 schrieb am 5. August 2012. um 00:36:
hey, wenn jemand aus dem deutschsprachigen raum, dieses jahr 2012 nach gucha fährt, dann kann er sich melden. ich bin schon in belgrad! meine mail: petpet22@web.de
Jana Jana aus 12 schrieb am 27. Juli 2012. um 11:29:
Hallo, I would like to ask...I know, that we need in Serbija, when we come, go to police and fill some form called White card, because of beeing in Serbija. But I read, that some police station do not have this form. But it is quite difficult for to get it before. I went to Guča three time before, and I risk be without the white card. But this time, we will be in Beograd after and we dont want to risk some problem. It is possible to get this form on Guča police station? And do the police speak a bit english? My serbian language is weak--- Please help me, I dont want to have some problems. Is here anybody who filled this form last years? And how, when you go then away? Best wishes Jana