Dear visitors

Our accommodation capacities are run out!
We are able to offer the last minute deal

- a one double room with double bed for the nights 9th ,10th and 11th August  
- three double rooms with separate  or  double beds for the nights 9th and 10th August
- breakfast is included
Price : 30€ euro per person per night  Book now

If you still have some request for a three or four days stay, please contact us

Because of the big crowd we apologize if you wait longer for an answer 

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Precompetition for Guca 2017

Dear visitors,

From this year ,as preparation for 57th Guca festival , will be open new pre-competition centers : in Leskovac, Vladicin Han ,Knjaževac,Požega  and Prijepolje , next to the   traditional centers in Surdulica, Zlatibor and Boljevac. In Vladicin Han , town in the east of the country, precompetition of senior and junior brass orchestras will be held 29thJune 2017.
Precompetition of junior and senior brass orchestras in Surdulica will be held in the period from  6th July 2017. up to 9th July 2017, as the part of Vlasina summer , 32nd in a row.

Except of final competition in Guca this year  in Saturday and competition of master of trumpet in Sunday, it will be also midnight concerts  of Serbian best trumpet players as Dejan Petrovic, Dejan Lazarević,. Boban Marković and Ekrem Mamutović. Also as every year , the winner of last year final trumpet competition in Guca  will be also have concert , final competition of young orchestras will be also  held  , concert of foreign  trumpet orchestras and other traditional events. 

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HOTEL accommodation

If you are interested in a standard hotel accommodation Hotel Nordic is the right choice for you.



Hotel is located in the center of Guca and  includes comfortable accommodation.
Hotel has 31 two, three-bed rooms and 3 suites. Rooms and suites provides a feeling of pleasant atmosphere and also provide quality rest in an attractive and comfortable environment. The rooms are equipped with comfortable beds, functional bathrooms, wardrobe, TV, telephones, WI-FI internet line.

Minimum stay is three nights, the price is € 50 per person per night
(Thursday night to Sunday morning or Friday night to Monday morning)
On Your request, we can offer you all arrangements witch includes and days from the beginning 09.08.2017. till the end of Festival 14.08.2017
Reservation is necessary  Book now
For more information write to us or call Dejan Ciric  +381653392303

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Guca 2017

Next Guca festival in 2017, will be from 09 August up to 13 August  , from Wednesday up to Sunday evening.
In these five festival days we expect many good events , trumpet music and competitions,greatest trumpet names.
It will be the 57th in a row festival and details of festival program will be announce soon.

In the year 2017 our offer will be a project  „School of the  Balkan trumpet“  for beginners, advanced musicians and orchestras.

School takes place in the homes of famous trumpet  masters  Bojana Krstic from Vladicin Han
Arrangements will include learning to play the trumpet, accommodation and food
More details will be published soon

You are welcome!

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Winners of 56. Guca trumpet competition

--56. Final competitions of trumpet orchestras--

1. Best drummer - Slavisa Stamenkovic, member of Sinsa Stanovic orchestra from Zaguzanje
2. Best Bass player – Danijel Krstic, member of Sasa Pavlovic orchestra
3. Best tenor player – Igor Ristic, member of Bojan Krstic orchestra from Vladicin Han
4. Best played tune (song) – Sinisa Stankovic orchestra from Zaguzanje
5. Best played “Kolo” (traditional circle dance) – Sasa Krstic Orchestra from Zaguzanje
6. First placed orchestra – Bojan Ristic orchestra from Vladicin Han
7. Second placed orchestra – Stefan Mladenovic orchestra
8. Third placed orchestra – Bozidar Nikolic orchestra
9. First trumpet – Sasa Krstic from Zaguzanje
10. Second trumpet – Stefan Mladenovic from Vranje
11. Third trumpet – Bojan Ristic from Vladicin Han
12. First trumpet, voted by the audience – Marko Gligorijevic from Dub

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(AFP) Guca in world

Serbia draws crowds for turbocharged trumpet festival

© AFP | The five-day event, usually attracts around 200,000 to 300,000 music-lovers from Serbia and abroad, according to organiser Marija Pavlovic

GUCA (SERBIA) (AFP) - A small town in western Serbia is hosting the world's largest trumpet festival, a raucous annual celebration of brass bands that draws crowds of hundreds of thousands.

Now in its 56th year, the Guca festival brings together dozens of Serbian bands who compete for prestigious awards and entertain revellers in a turbocharged street party.

The five-day event, which ends Sunday, usually attracts around 200,000 to 300,000 music-lovers from Serbia and abroad, according to festival organiser Marija Pavlovic.

"We have every year more and more foreign tourists coming here, so we are very happy," she told AFP.

Brass band music is symbolic of Serbian culture and Pavlovic said the festival began "spontaneously" outside Guca's church back in 1961, growing in popularity each year.

A three-hour drive from the capital Belgrade and home to just a few thousand people, Guca is now famed for its yearly festivities and a statue of a trumpeter stands in its centre.

Following preliminary heats held throughout the year, the best bands compete on Guca's main stages while others play for tips on the streets and in cafes, as whole pigs and lambs are roasted on spits.

Beer and rakija, the local brandy, are drunk in abundance at what is officially called the Dragacevo Assembly of Trumpet Players, after the region in which it is held.

Among the first-time visitors this year is Danish tourist Anders Vold, 25, who has attended Denmark's leading Roskilde music festival several times but said Guca was in a different league.

"It's like Roskilde on steroids, with Balkan brass," he said.

"Everyone has to experience this because it's crazy and it's very good, and the people are so nice."

© 2016 AFP

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First Champion of Guca

Champion of Guca trumpet festival  for the year 2016 was a trumpet player Ekrem Mamutović who with his orchestra won the competition "Masters of trumpets", first held this year. The winner has won the title of Champion of Guca and  a cash prize of one million dinars(8000 €), the statuette Desimir Tosic, memorial awards in memory of the Trumpet player who won the first Dragačevo 1961.

Champion of Guca has received the exclusive right to represent Guca around the world to the next festival.
After receiving the award, Mamutović with Orchestra held a concert at the Festival in front of thousands of visitors.

The competition of trumpet masters, held last night, attended by 11 orchestras, and the awards were decided by a jury whose president was the legend of trumpet Boban Markovic. All 11 participants of the competition also voted, but they could not vote for themselves.

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Offer for today
One room with double bed  for all days

minimum  3 nights reservation
Please contact us immediately and make your reservation

At a special lower price available rooms:
- double room for 10.08.(Wednesday) and 11.08.2016.(Thursday) 
- three beds room for the night 11.08.2016.
- three beds room for the night 13.08.2016.(Saturday)  
- hostel room of four beds for 11.08.2016.

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Concert tickets

If you want to visit the concerts (our mega giga folk rock stars) on Wednesday and Sunday , do not you worry because tickets at the price of RSD 800 (EUR 6.5) will be available at the ticket office next to the stadium in Guca

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Ceca & Severina in Guca

Dear guests, The organizer, as we expected, has made some changes and apply additions days to the program of Festival.

Additional days are Wednesday and Sunday with singers of folk pop and rock music Ceca, Severina, Miroslav Ilic and Riblja Corba.
WEDNESDAY, 10/08/2016

21:00 – Concerts :Ceca Raznatovic
and rock group „Riblja corba“ -stadium

SUNDAY, 14/08/2016

21:00- Concerts:Severina and Miroslav Ilic –stadium

Additional days means that the program is not based on trumpet music, but of course in the streets and restaurants is a traditional atmosphere

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