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Ceca & Severina in Guca


Dear guests, The organizer, as we expected, has made some changes and apply additions days to the program of Festival. Additional days are Wednesday and Sunday with singers of folk pop and rock music Ceca, Severina, Miroslav Ilic and Riblja Corba. More Program WEDNESDAY, 10/08/2016 21:00 – Concerts :Ceca Raznatovic and rock group „Riblja corba“ -stadium SUNDAY, 14/08/2016 21:00- Concerts:Severina and Miroslav Ilic –stadium Additional days means that the program is not based on trumpet music, but of course in the streets and...



In an amazing enviroment, in the town of Surdulica, on July 9th and 10th, the pre-competition of the senior and junior trumpet orchestras took place, as a part of the 31th Vlasina summer festival. It was a real „Guca before Guca“ event because 1 pioneer, 5 junior and 13 senior orchestras competed in their respective categories for the prestigious awards, the most modest of which is partecipation to the competition in Guca. Orchestras have had a hard task to prepare...